Stories of Empowerment & Transformation

The following are stories from Debra's clients...will you be next?

Sacred Money Archetype Success Stories:

Financial Enlightenment
I absolutely loved talking to Debra! Fun, joyful and full of life! That is what I’m aiming to create. She helped me see my gifts in a new light and helped me begin to see how I can shed that light into my business. I felt fully cared
for and full trusted to make the right decisions for myself. There was no pressure, only support. I would recommend the services from Simply Wealthy, for the financial enlightenment and also for fun and love!    ~ Jami Lynn M

These are soo amazing! Thank you so much.  I will cherish and apply what I have learned from Debra! All the best, Sharon xo   ~ Sharon L.

I learned SO much!
It was amazing connecting with you. I learned so much about myself and my relationship to not only money but to my clients, and ultimately to myself. The information from the archetypes was right on and fits me to a
tee. . . thanks again for a wonderful session. I look forward to connecting further and learning more from you and your team!    ~ Helen B.

Debra, how exciting to speak with you, personally! You quickly pinpointed my dominant characteristics from the archetype test. You also coached me well to pinpoint my first step in moving forward. Thank you from the bottom
of my heart!   ~ Susan G.

Deepest Gratitude
I so enjoyed our time together. I want to thank you for sharing with me my money strengths and how I can grow those strengths. I also want to thank you for your tender, sensitive and kind approach with assisting me in truly seeing how I can bring my purpose to fruition. I appreciate that you believe in me and the work that will lead me to fulfill my purpose. More importantly, I appreciate that you helped me to realize that this is no longer a dream for me but a reality. ~ Sandie G.

Visionary Coaching & VIP Day Testimonials:

 Michael Mapes

Before working with Debra I was stuck and struggling to make enough money and fill my practice with great clients. Even more difficult than that, I was really questioning all of my decisions, overwhelmed by which direction I needed to go in, and feeling like I was failing because I had so much potential that I wasn't using. Within a few minutes of talking to Debra, I absolutely knew this was the person I had to work with, because she immediately tapped into who I was meant to serve and how I was meant to show up for them.  

During my time with Deb, I crossed the six-figure mark, added two new team members, wrote an Amazon bestselling book, filled my practice, and put on my first live event where I made over $25,000 in a single day! 

Beyond the success, beyond the wealth, and beyond the amazing achievements, I became a more confident, more trusting, more loving person. In short, I became a living expression of my message and my mission in the world. 

Debra is, in my view, one of the top experts in the world when it comes to simple marketing strategies that yield big results. She makes it easy so you're not running around chasing the latest trend or fad, and instead focus on solid fundamentals that allow you to grow your business, on your terms, using your gifts, and in the way that's right for you. 

Combined with her amazing intuitive gifts, that allow you to move through inner obstacles that have stopped you for years, Debra is the complete package. Thanks Debra!

~ Michael Mapes, Intuitive Business Mentor, Founder of Graveyard Innovations

 Jayne Hillman

. . .and the work I do with you about stepping into my intuitive, spiritual and empowering leadership style based on my deepest values. I am for the first time truly honoring myself, trusting on a deep level...(where self doubt and devaluing myself has less and less of a hold on me.)

What is so beautiful is that for the first time consciously I am belonging to me and valuing me which creates a much stronger foundation and stance on life. I feel deeply supported and that I'll be okay and even thrive  the more I step into myself and take possession of my gifts and my way of moving in the world. This is the  wholeness that creates an empowering leader. This is way beyond confidence, which to me has a bit of a pep talk quality to it, but stepping into something much deeper, enduring and connected.

Thank you for a fantastic session last week, and every week. I am so grateful to have someone who has walked this "trail of the mountain",  who is showing me the way. 

I'm looking forward to our next session!

Big hug!


I had been hesitant for so long to hire a business coach. I thought there was no way I could afford it, and besides, plenty of people succeed at business without a coach. Or so I thought.

The more I dug and researched, the more I realized just how many successful business people have coaches and/or mentors, and that this process is ongoing rather than just a one-time affair. And hey, who am I to disagree with such a proven system?

In my quest to find the right match for me, still having no idea how I would even begin to pay for coaching, I talked to several potential coaches. Some had sales techniques comparable to the best used car salesman, some were too far out in woo-woo land, and some had no woo-woo at all.

The second Debra and I started our initial conversation, I had a feeling this was the right match for me. She wasn’t pushy at all, had a genuine desire to help, and had the right balance of left and right brain between spiritual, empowerment coach digging deep into what I was unconsciously holding onto, but combined that with business and clarity the very best, next steps for me.

After some creative accounting (come to find out this is one of my mad skills), I took her training to the next level and booked a VIP day. Wow! Not only did I find out my creative accounting is a blessing, but we devised many new programs to take my existing business to a whole new level.

We did the intuitive part and the logical part, and it all came together in a way for me to put my dreams into reality. And it’s happening! I’ve now transitioned to 1-1 coaching with Debra and am launching the first part of what we devised. Even though it’s early, it’s already been a smashing success! 

Debra helped me step into my true business self. And the investment I made in myself is coming back to me over and over. If you feel like Debra is the right match for you, don’t hesitate. I’m glad I didn’t! 

~ Kelly Zajac, Founder Tudor House Tea

 Jaena Moynihan

My experience with Debra has been nothing less than transformative at every turn. From the first time I met Debra, I felt an instant connection. Her warmth, compassion, and genuine desire to serve beamed through and I knew I'd made a friend (and met a mentor) straightaway. 

Our conversations at the live event were mind-blowing. Without knowing much about me at all, she completely described where I was at and how I was feeling in my business. She understood exactly what I was struggling with and lasered-in on my next best steps to transforming it. Unfortunately, I didn't transform right after the event.

Two months later, I was still struggling with the overwhelm I faced everyday in my life and business. I was frustrated, stressed, and uninspired. I KNEW what I wanted to create in the future; I had the vision. But the dots just weren't connecting. No matter how clearly it was broke it down, I still didn't understand HOW to accomplish what I'd envisioned for my life and business. 

Debra and I reconnected over Facebook and in less than 48 hours of working with her, I had completed projects I'd procrastinated on for MONTHS. Now, I have a thriving (and growing) community of followers (whom I LOVE serving) and sales coming in again. Thank you, Debra!!! 

~ Jaena Moynihan - Intuitive Coach. Tarot Maven. #DivineRebel

Debra has an amazing ability to bring ideas into form, and make my crazy creative dreams both realistic and attainable. She does this in such a fun and loving way, and you can feel the heartfelt love and support she holds for her clients. Her many years experience in business and marketing combined with her naturally intuitive and caring personality is a winning combination and I am so grateful to have connected with her at such a perfect time when she was exactly what I needed. She has helped me to implement various changes into the structure of my business that have been immediately effective and profitable. Thank you Debra! Peace & Blessings

~ Elise Jene' - Musician, healer, conscious marketer

I have enjoyed with working with Debra on so many different levels! Her 1-1 coaching was so personable and caring, yet she knows how to give you a little nudge to push yourself outside your comfort zone to get results. She puts so much of herself into her teaching. I also took her Creating your Authentic Signature Niche course and she has made me see so many important things about myself and my business. Finally my vision has come to fruition. I love that Debra is a WEALTH of knowledge and she is so willing to share it with all of us! She definitely has been a blessing to myself and so many others!  Thanks for all you do!

~ Brandy Hotz - Coach & Mompreneur, Creating Success Where it Counts!, Family, finances & feeling good!

Working with Debra was simply a joy! Her unique combination of knowledge with marketing and envisioning the end result, was something that I valued immensely. She made the entire process very simple for me.

I loved the fact I could brainstorm with her and she had the ability to make it happen. Her gift to capture my thoughts and make sense of them really made all the difference in the way I produced my work. I loved the fact that she helped me turn projects around very quickly.  

What stands out the most for me is how Debra really made me feel. I always felt like I was the only client she had. Her warm and approachable style truly made me feel special. She gently coached me, she brainstormed with me and ultimately produced my vision with me! Thank you for such a rewarding experience, Deb!

~ Veronica Drake, Intuitive & Divine Purpose Coach

I highly recommend Debra Larson. She is an authentic, down-to-earth, caring wealth and marketing coach. She is very responsive to her clients needs, highly energetic, and what she teaches get results!

~ J Debra Cunningham, MBA, CEO-Executive/Business Coach Consultant, Evergreen Business Strategies

Debra is an amazing and dynamic leader who is always on the cutting edge of new and innovative ideas for your business. Her understanding of business and marketing in general is priceless. She is a warm and giving person that is always willing to help when needed and takes all suggestions seriously. She has led me to some great resources that have not only changed my business perspective but my whole life. I appreciate all that she has done as a leader and I am so excited that I get to work with her and the fantastic and unified Empowerment 4u! group coaching team.

~ Katy Tafoya, Success for Solopreneurs