Daily Divination - Sunday, December 2, 2018

UNFINISHED SYMPHONY - Wisdom of the Oracle


Time to tie up loose ends to a project, unresolved emotions, a relationship…

When you leave the symphony unfinished you run the risk of the record player skipping over and over and over. You will be unable to move forward in the musical flow of your life. Whether you need to make amends or just BE for a moment and feel ALL of the emotions, it is an important step.

Accept where you are and that it is OK to feel whatever it is you feel right now. It does not mean you need to DO anything, but you must acknowledge the emotions and release them or they will form little blockages in your heart. Let the tears, whispers, screams and music flow until the fat lady sings. Let’s finish this thing!

*This week’s deck is the Wisdom of the OracleCards (affiliate link).