Daily Divination - Saturday, December 8, 2018

STREAM OF LOVE - Universe Has Your Back


Really look at that card and feel it…

THERE IS A STREAM OF LOVE… a stream, not a blip, not a short shower… a never-ending, constant FLOW OF LOVE that is supporting you and your dreams… ALWAYS.

We are still in the energy of the NEW MOON and Spirit wants you to know that your intentions, dreams and desires are always supported with love.

Set your New Moon intentions with love in your heart. Write them down and feel them as if they are already in existence, because they are. They may not be fully manifested, but they are a twinkle, a wish, a hope, an energy just waiting to be fueled by your love, your intention, your passion and your faith.

Know that you are the co-creator and open your heart to the magic and love that is all around you. The stream never runs dry ❤️.

*This week’s deck is the Universe Has Your Back Deck (affiliate link).