Sound Check - Trust Your Vibes Oracle

SOUND CHECK: Trust Your Vibes Oracle by Sonia Choquette

Daily Divination - Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Another six-sensory tip!
“The more you pay attention to the energy around you, the quicker you activate your clairaudience (the ability to tune in to your Higher Self, Angels, and Guides).

Everything is your guide. Every. Single. Thing. Mind-blowing right?

Everything is teaching you something, and this can be a sensory overload! Especially when you take on the more negative things around you.

What you need to pay attention to the most are the things that bring you happiness and into alignment. Learn what the negative things are teaching you, then either transmute it into something good or cut it out of your life! Be mindful to the news you hear, the music you listen to, and the people you surround yourself with! Learn what you need to learn and move forward! Don’t dwell on what no longer serves you and aim to raise your vibration!

*This week’s deck is the Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette (affiliate link).