Instant Feedback - Trust Your Vibes Oracle

INSTANT FEEDBACK: Trust Your Vibes Oracle by Sonia Choquette

Daily Divination - Saturday, August 31, 2019


This week is all about learning about your six-sensory abilities!

“It’s time to expand your six-sensory tool kit and learn to use kinesiology, or muscle testing, as a means to get an instant vibe-check on matters at hand.”

That’s right! Sonia Choquette, a popular spiritual leader, mentions there is a method of asking your Guides a question utilizing a muscle test! Get a partner and start by asking a simple yes or no question. Lift one arm up and out to the side with the other down. Focus on your question and ask your partner to put pressure down on your extended arm with two fingers. If the answer is yes, your arm will resist the pressure and remain strong and unmoved. If your answer is no, then your arm will simply lose energy and drop to your side. Try it out!

If you don’t feel like doing this, simply take in that this card is a sign to further expand on your sixth sense and opening your third eye and other senses. Your guides are waiting to speak to you!

If you regularly connect with your guides, they are telling you they have a message for you! Ask, “What is it that my Guides want me to know today?”

*This week’s deck is the Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette (affiliate link).