Daily Divination - Friday, May 3, 2019

WINTER SOLSTICE - REFLECTION - Earth Magic Oracle by Steven D. Farmer


As we head into the weekend you are being asked to take time for reflection.

Look at the past months - what lessons have you learned, what have you accomplished, and what dreams and visions do you want to manifest in the coming months?

Regardless of what has happened, or how, “honor it with gratitude and forgiveness. Then let it go.”

In your reflection and stillness, allow your imagination and mind to wander to what could be… the possibilities are endless, as are your powers to co-create. However, “patience and stillness is called for here, for just as the Earth cycles have their own pace, so does this cycle.”

*This week’s deck is the Earth Magic Oracle by Steven D. Farmer (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Monday, December 31, 2018

REFLECTION (Reversed) - The Akashic Tarot


Are lower energies taking over your experience?
Your connection to Source is interrupted…
This card is a simple and clear sign - reconnect to your Highest Self.

“It’s time to look within and understand the emotional storms that are influencing you - do they stem from lack or fear?”

Once you reconnect to Source, your light will turn back on.

All is well in your world.

*This week’s deck is the Akashic Tarot (affiliate link).