faery forest oracle

Daily Divination - Friday, February 8, 2019

ASTRILD - Faery Forest Oracle

Love-fire, Sensuality, Fertility

When we love, we can gaze directly into the soul of another human being for a while.

This in-love sensation reminds us of who we can truly be when we connect with our own self-love. We feel complete, adored, and we open wide to the experience. Energy surges through us, we crave the touch of the beloved. We are, for a time, quite mad.

When this card comes to you, the love fire has been lit within you, and you are being asked to allow your own self-love to ignite in return.

You are feeling sensual, ready to make love, to explore the boundaries of physical sensation, and you wish reality would simply leave you be for a time so you can fully explore this craving and desire.

All love begins with you, and the deeper and more truly you embrace and love yourself, you will be able to fully express your deep, passionate love for another.

This card welcomes in love of all kinds today…

Whether you have a passionate night planned with a lover or a fun night with friends or family, relish in the energy of this love.

This was an energetically transformative week. Bask in your own love, and watch how it will resonate outward to all who connect with you today.

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Thursday, February 7, 2019

BEFORE THE GATHERING - Faery Forest Oracle

Celebration, Anticipation, Event

For you dear one, a celebration is coming.

A time to acknowledge the markings and passing of the great turns of the wheel, and for you to gather together with friends, relatives, and significant beings and ask them to unite in a common cause of joy for what has been achieved.

It is time to look forward, to anticipate, and to prepare.

This will be coming for you, and it is in the future, so this card is an excellent omen of good to come for you.

Prepare, be ready, and enjoy dear one. You deserve all the beauty and enjoyment to come!

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Wednesday, February 6, 2019

SHAPESHIFTER - Faery Forest Oracle

Transformation, Primal wisdom, Instinct

This card is good news after yesterday’s energy of the Otherworld…

The Shapeshifter is here to tell us we CAN change; we can transform…

All the things you have not even dared to whisper aloud will soon become apparent to others - because you are TRANSFORMING.

This message is for you to get ready for change, get ready to be amazed at just what you can do when you give yourself a chance...when you dare yourself to go further.

Do not deny yourself to this chance to develop and grow...

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Tuesday, February 5, 2019

OTHERWORLD - Faery Forest Oracle

Veil, Illness, and Transition

This is a time when you are passing through a veil that separates the worlds.

When once all was clear and life felt stable and grounded, for now, there is a shaking of the firmament and a shift in your reality that makes you feel at times as though you are living in a waking dream.

This is a time when the thin boundaries have dissolved for you, and there is a raw, unfamiliar energy to your world.

Are things shaken up in a relationship?

Are you feeling sick? Under the weather?

We can experience a vital loss of energy when this energetic time comes upon us, and it can result in physical ailments or emotional breakdowns.

Don’t fear, this time has purpose; it will bring some good to you, perhaps greater wisdom, knowledge, compassion, and or insights.

This can be a challenging time for sure, so be compassionate and caring with yourself until you move through this energy into a better, more aligned space for you.

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Monday, February 4, 2019

THE GOLDEN UNICORN - Faery Forest Oracle

Protector, Guardian, Champion

Today is the New Moon, a day to set intentions and to plan for what you would like to experience instead of what you might have been experiencing. How wonderful that the Golden Unicorn is here to support you!

Everyone deserves to have another person in their life to whom they can turn for protection and care. When this card comes for you, the Golden Unicorn is showing you the path to a person, advisor, or mentor who will assist you through the challenges you are now facing.

When the Golden Unicorn appears, it is as a beacon of hope, for with the right guidance, what seems to be impossible can be achieved, and you will no longer feel so raw, vulnerable, and unable to go on.

If there is conflict or strife happening in your world, know that when this Unicorn is present, there is new protective energy about you, and it is safe for you to leave the current circumstances and create a new path.

This energy also sets the scene for good people to enter your life to help heal the pain of friendships that have fallen...

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Sunday, February 3, 2019

THE GREEN MAN - Faery Forest Oracle

Initiative, Fertilisation, Action

The green man indicates that now is a time of renewal, new beginnings, and new connections.

It is time for you to actively pursue the life you want to live!

This energy must have direction...not necessarily tamed, but pointed in the right direction to flow with ease and grace.

The catalyst for this comes from within...you are in alignment with source, with your purpose.

All is well in your world.

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Saturday, February 2, 2019

THE WYZARD - Faery Forest Oracle

Rune King, Wise One, Counsellor

When the Wyzard is present it indicates that you are in alignment with your purpose and walking forward along your spiritual path...

You are beginning to live as you knew you could live...be who you knew you could be...do what you knew was possible...

“You are living your intuitive life outwardly in the world.”

Not everyone will “get” you, but that’s okay...just keep moving forward, Doing what you’re doing, and being who you are...

All is well in your world.

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Friday, November 23, 2018

THE SOLITARY - Faery Forest Oracle

The Solitary
Dedication, Self-love, Focus

“This card indicates a time when you will go it alone - Walk your own path, choosing to carve a way forward that you can be sure remains true to the deep self. There will be a time of learning away from the mainstream, and there may be times when you feel isolated and somewhat worried about how your new path will be perceived. It can also indicate that in a past life, you have suffered for your gifts and spirituality. You may have experienced a past life as a healer, seer, witch, wizard, or medicine man, in which a new order decreed your power to be invalid and dark. This fear still pursues you when you connect with the power of your gift - resulting in fear surrounding intuition and your natural talents.”

Whether you are responding to a deep hurt, betrayal, or simply exhaustion, know that this time of isolation is perfect. You are honoring your Soul, respecting the shadows that live within you…within all of us.

Know that if today feels dark, or sad, or lonely, this too will pass. The full moon brings about lots of emotions. Allow them to pass, without judgment, and take the time you need to for yourself.

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Thursday, November 22, 2018 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING

INITIATE - Faery Forest Oracle

curiosity, open, warm

In the USA, today is Thanksgiving, and the energy of the full moon is upon us. This card from the Faeries is both encouraging and possibly a warning…

“Your energy is unwieldy, naïve, and unguarded - and you will therefore soon face tests which will help you acquire experience and wisdom.”

This is exciting, except that you might be in a room filled with your closest family members...and, I don’t know about you, but my family members don’t exactly love the ‘unwieldy and unguarded’ me. Our families often push our buttons, so being naïve right now, might not be a great strategy.

Instead, may I suggest, with this powerful full moon energy upon us, instead of being unwieldy - keep your wild thoughts to yourself. At least for today...wait until you get home, and then journal the heck out of them :)

If you are not going to be with family this Thursday, well then “have at it!”

“You are curious, inquiring, and open-hearted. You are inquisitive, but you are no fool. You are an initiate, and you will therefore take risks as you face the unknown. Your next steps into the mystery of life will be blessed, and you have the courage to now enter the unknown.”

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Wednesday, November 21, 2018

THE FAERY NORN - Faery Forest Oracle

The Faery Norn
planning, patience, cooperation

“There is clutter and some chaos about you. There is no blame in that, but your job now is to begin to tidy up your life - to shape it and make it into a form that is more contained, more organized, and somehow, for all this control, more free.”

This is a highly emotional week. You will be best served if you “pull it together.”

Take a walk in nature to clear and center your inner self.

Clean and organize your physical surroundings, so you feel balanced and aligned.

Be prepared for what is climaxing now at the full moon tomorrow.

Stay in grace and gratitude...

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Tuesday, November 20, 2018

THE WILD HUNT - Faery Forest Oracle

The Wild Hunt
Excitement , Frenzy, Journey

This card is all about preparation - for excitement, for celebration, for adventure.

It’s not surprising that this faery appeared just days before Thanksgiving (USA), and days before the full moon. We are now in the Gibbous moon phase, which means “bulging” - lots of things are coming to a head this week...not just the holiday, but also everything we've been working towards in our personal and spiritual life.

So hang on…

“Dress up, show up, and prepare to be amazed! Take a deep breath, find your voice, and begin to cry out at the top of your lungs. You are alive my friend, and will feel so more than ever before when the wild hunt touches your life!”

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Monday, November 19, 2018

DUIRA - Faery Forest Oracle Cards

Healer, Nourishment, Nurture

“It is time for you to focus completely on self-nurture and to support your own healing.”

Your guides are asking you to align yourself with healing - physical, spiritual and mental - and to potentially find a practitioner who can help you in the area of your greatest concern.

“Your Soul is asking this of you…you must be devoted to your own healing.”

Healing food, music, energy, exercise, even the people in your company - your personal self-care must take precedent now...

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Sunday, November 18, 2018

BLOODMONTH -  The Faery Forest Oracle

Sacrifice, Offerings, Decisions

This card has come into your reality to tell you that it’s time to “be ready to let go and offer up something of value, in order to make room for something else…”

Something that can flow into your Soul.

When we sacrifice, we make something “sacred” by the very act of giving it up. But that something has to have some value to you for it to actually be a “sacrifice.”  

You do this with the understanding that there is something far better, far more in alignment with your beautiful spirit, just waiting to have the energetic space to enter your life.

This card wants you to understand...it’s not always something or someone that needs to be let go of, sometimes it’s as simple as letting go of your pride, your judgments, your human conceits, your petty quarrels, and disputes…

Please know that when Bloodmonth comes forward, there is something that needs to be released, but know from the “offerings you make, the future is born.”

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Saturday, November 17, 2018


Transformation, Primal Wisdom, Instinct

Change is upon you. Divine truth has been set in motion, and you now have the opportunity to flow with the shifting winds or resist the inevitable.

“The Shapeshifter has appeared to tell you to get ready to change - get ready to be amazed at what you can do when you give yourself a chance...

She wants you to know just what you can become when you receive the same opportunities as others.

Most importantly...
She wants you to know just what you can achieve when you dare yourself to go further.

The story of your Soul is so much more than you have allowed it to be-and within you are so many more possibilities. Do not deny yourself this change chance to develop and grow.”

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle(affiliate link).