Daily Divination - Saturday, July 13, 2019

HUNTER OF DREAMS: The Shaman’s Oracle - John Matthews & Wil Kinghan


What is it that you dream of… what are your goals, your ultimate visions of what you want in your life? Do you even have a dream? Maybe it is time to revisit that which you think you have been striving for.

Now are the harder questions… Do these dreams match what your subconscious is showing you in your sleeping state? Do they match where your thoughts take you daily?

Your subconscious has a way of revealing things that you still need to deal with, resolve, or heal. It also has a way of revealing your TRUTH, past wisdom and bring you clarity.

The Hunter of Dreams is asking you to look at what you are hunting for… is it truly for your highest good and is it really what you want? Take time to observe the patterns that continue to repeat themselves, the thoughts that roll around in your conscious and subconscious.

“The Hunter of Dreams strides along beside us to open up the doors of perception, perhaps revealing answers to problems, unveiling mystical truths, or enabling important realizations.”

This week’s deck is the Shaman’s Oracle by John Matthews (affiliate link).