Daily Divination - Monday, November 26, 2018

LION - Power Animal Oracle


ASK for what you want

Roar!!! Well, that got your attention right??

The sound of a Lion’s roar is simply a request, perhaps even a warning.

The Lion is saying, I want something...or get out of my way...or here I come!

Spirit is asking you…

Are you saying what you want? Are you letting it be known to your friends, family and the like what it is that you want and need? If not, ask yourself why?

Why are you afraid to ask for what you want?

You don’t need to be fearless to make yourself vulnerable and express yourself, but you do need to be courageous.

This card is guiding you to look at what you are NOT saying, NOT asking for. Don’t be a martyr or a victim. What is the worst that can happen if you ask for something? You could be told NO...that’s okay, because at least you asked, at least you spoke up for yourself. And maybe that NO is the best thing that ever happened to you…

Be courageous today. Be vulnerable. Know that Spirit has your back and whatever the outcome, know it is for your Highest Good.

*This week’s deck is the Power Animal Oracle Cards (affiliate link).