Daily Divination - Saturday, November 24, 2018

COYOTE - Power Animal Oracle

The Coyote
“Wise Fool”

Accept your Follies and find the teaching in them...

With this full and powerful moon, we were warned that “watching our tongue” was prudent...that emotions would run high...

Did reason and calm get away from you? Did you over-do anything? Did you take a step back from where you want to be?

If so - take a breath, center yourself and declare your innocence...forgive yourself and allow yourself the opportunity to do things differently the “next-time” ...

Love yourself unconditionally and all will be okay 🙏🏼💕

“Pause for a moment. Think of those times when you’ve acted thoughtless or foolish perhaps even recently. How did you feel? Embarrassed? Ashamed? Well, it’s time to let go, to stop attacking or shaming yourself. It’s not just about forgiving yourself or plainly excepting these instances. It goes way beyond that to loving the full inside, that part of you that with such childlike innocence behaves in a way that sometimes brings on social or self condemnation. Do you sincerely and deeply love that part of you surpasses rote forgiveness or bland acceptance. It opens you to loving yourself unconditionally as well as loving the foibles of others. 

The burden of such shame is too great for anyone to carry. You must see these idiosyncrasies with a sense of humor. When you do something foolish, the sooner you can laugh about it-with yourself, not at yourself - the sooner you can move to a place of true self acceptance. It’s often only later, when we can look back at these situations, we can discern the more important lessons in the wisdom contained with in them.”

*This week’s deck is the Power Animal Oracle Cards (affiliate link).