Daily Divination - Thursday, June 13, 2019

MESSENGER OF THOUGHT: Guardian Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (and Doreen Virtue)


When the Messenger of Thought is on the scene, you can be assured you will experience or participate in the communication of important information. It can be about a project or situation you've been waiting to hear about, or perhaps it is you sharing your ideas and thoughts with others. Although you may be excited by the information and ideas that you are either sharing or receiving, just be aware...they may be not be delivered with the grace or in the exact way you "want." If you are the recipient of the information, just keep your heart open and try to hear the intention behind the delivery of the message. If you are who is delivering the message, think before you speak. Pause before you react.

"There's so much to learn! Expect great excitement to arise about a new topic or intellectual project. Information pours in from television, the internet, and social networking sites, making it difficult to take it all in. As you gather all this new knowledge, make sure to be organized. The data may be filling up your mind, but if you forget to speak from the heart, it may offend others. The message may be the most important thing, but the way it's delivered also matters. You may receive information that creates the need to make changes to your plans.

Sometimes this card specifically speaks to a person in your life, someone who's always excited about learning and sharing knowledge. A person who's very mentally active and able to adapt to change quickly. Someone with a great enthusiasm for the truth, but for whom it may be tempered by a lack of experience in diplomacy. Someone who has great discretion and is very organized."

*This week’s deck is the Guardian Angel Tarot Deck by Radleigh Valentine (and Doreen Virtue)(affiliate link).