Daily Divination - Tuesday, February 5, 2019

OTHERWORLD - Faery Forest Oracle

Veil, Illness, and Transition

This is a time when you are passing through a veil that separates the worlds.

When once all was clear and life felt stable and grounded, for now, there is a shaking of the firmament and a shift in your reality that makes you feel at times as though you are living in a waking dream.

This is a time when the thin boundaries have dissolved for you, and there is a raw, unfamiliar energy to your world.

Are things shaken up in a relationship?

Are you feeling sick? Under the weather?

We can experience a vital loss of energy when this energetic time comes upon us, and it can result in physical ailments or emotional breakdowns.

Don’t fear, this time has purpose; it will bring some good to you, perhaps greater wisdom, knowledge, compassion, and or insights.

This can be a challenging time for sure, so be compassionate and caring with yourself until you move through this energy into a better, more aligned space for you.

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).