Daily Divination - Thursday, November 22, 2018 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING

INITIATE - Faery Forest Oracle

curiosity, open, warm

In the USA, today is Thanksgiving, and the energy of the full moon is upon us. This card from the Faeries is both encouraging and possibly a warning…

“Your energy is unwieldy, naïve, and unguarded - and you will therefore soon face tests which will help you acquire experience and wisdom.”

This is exciting, except that you might be in a room filled with your closest family members...and, I don’t know about you, but my family members don’t exactly love the ‘unwieldy and unguarded’ me. Our families often push our buttons, so being naïve right now, might not be a great strategy.

Instead, may I suggest, with this powerful full moon energy upon us, instead of being unwieldy - keep your wild thoughts to yourself. At least for today...wait until you get home, and then journal the heck out of them :)

If you are not going to be with family this Thursday, well then “have at it!”

“You are curious, inquiring, and open-hearted. You are inquisitive, but you are no fool. You are an initiate, and you will therefore take risks as you face the unknown. Your next steps into the mystery of life will be blessed, and you have the courage to now enter the unknown.”

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).