Daily Divination - Friday, February 8, 2019

ASTRILD - Faery Forest Oracle

Love-fire, Sensuality, Fertility

When we love, we can gaze directly into the soul of another human being for a while.

This in-love sensation reminds us of who we can truly be when we connect with our own self-love. We feel complete, adored, and we open wide to the experience. Energy surges through us, we crave the touch of the beloved. We are, for a time, quite mad.

When this card comes to you, the love fire has been lit within you, and you are being asked to allow your own self-love to ignite in return.

You are feeling sensual, ready to make love, to explore the boundaries of physical sensation, and you wish reality would simply leave you be for a time so you can fully explore this craving and desire.

All love begins with you, and the deeper and more truly you embrace and love yourself, you will be able to fully express your deep, passionate love for another.

This card welcomes in love of all kinds today…

Whether you have a passionate night planned with a lover or a fun night with friends or family, relish in the energy of this love.

This was an energetically transformative week. Bask in your own love, and watch how it will resonate outward to all who connect with you today.

*This week’s deck is the The Faery Forest Oracle (affiliate link).