Daily Divination - Saturday, March 2, 2019

REST AND REJUVENATION (reversed) - Energy Oracle


Wow! Is everything moving quickly for you today? Does it seem like you have an endless stream of to do’s and have to’s? This can be good when you are moving forward on a project or a new opportunity...finally! Forward momentum. However, be sure to take time for yourself. Get centered, be clear and directed in the action you are taking.

“When you hurry through life without a break, it fragments your energy and creates an abrasive life force, causing potential frustration in all sorts of ways. Be careful not to let endless tasks take you away from your self. The “have to” items on your list may be calling you, but this card reversed is telling you: Take time to meditate, rest and, relax.”

*This week’s deck is the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.