Daily Divination - Sunday, January 13, 2019

MAN HOLDING A COIN - Energy Oracle Cards

Male Connection in Money, Health, or Value

My oh my… this could mean so many things.

This can mean a new love interest in a wealthy man or man from work… ooh, just in time to prepare for Valentine’s Day.

It is tax time, however, so it could also be a new financial advisor or healer to remove financial blocks.

Either way this person could be helpful and bring sage advice, BUT it is important that you tune into your own intuitive guidance and weigh the information you receive.

Remember that “greater success is on its way if you take control of your own finances and act.” Looks like today may be a good day to organize those tax receipts and get ready to roll financially into 2019.

*This week’s deck is the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.