Daily Divination - Wednesday, May 1, 2019

CRYSTALS - FOCUS - Earth Magic Oracle by Steven D. Farmer


What a beautiful way to begin the month - Happy May Day or Beltane! Be sure to get outside and dance around the May pole - or at the very least, breathe in the spring air and dwell in the gratitude of the blossoming newness that surrounds you.

Quartz crystals, and in this card, amethyst, has been used for years in magic and healing - “they help focus the power of our life force, or Spirit. Where attention goes, power flows - and crystals magnify this power tenfold.”

Intention influences where our attention goes… so what are your intentions? Take time today to become crystal clear on what you want to co-create in this life. Be still, take a walk in Nature, bring along a crystal (if you have one) and see what clarity you receive.

*This week’s deck is the Earth Magic Oracle by Steven D. Farmer (affiliate link).