Daily Divination - Saturday, May 4, 2019

QUEEN ESTHER: The Morning Star - Divine Feminine Oracle, Meggan Watterson

The Morning Star

My ego is in service of my soul. And I trust my soul’s divine timing.”

If you are feeling threatened by “time,” understand that our soul does not “care” what our ego deems as important. Our soul knows the what, when, how and where…

“When we are feeling threatened in some way, fear can be exceptionally loud and can inform the ego to work overtime in trying to get something accomplished or to manipulate something to happen. The natural flow of energy that’s always at work behind the scenes, the universes capacity to assist us, then gets blocked.

When we are in service of love, we are following the dictates of our soul. And when the ego is in service of the soul, divine timing ensues.

Trust that everything is aligning in divine timing; trust your soul-voice.”

*This week’s deck is the Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson (affiliate link).