Daily Divination - Wednesday, May 8, 2019

OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE: The Empress of Protection - Divine Feminine Oracle, Meggan Watterson

The Empress of Protection

“I am safe and divinely protected. I am held in love at all times.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the emblazoned emblem of the uniquely powerful protection of a mother’s love.

She tells us that, even if we never experienced a mother’s love, we are still able to give it to ourselves, because it lives deeply within ourselves.

The energy of a mother’s love can travel to meet you anywhere... whether within the world or within your own heart. The message is that she is here… You are mothered.”

But, will you call her? Ask for Divine help? The Divine cannot intervene without your request, so call in the unwavering motherly love of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

You are loved; you are protected.

*This week’s deck is the Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson (affiliate link).