Daily Divination - Thursday, May 9, 2019

MARY OF NAZARETH: The Mother of God - Divine Feminine Oracle, Meggan Watterson

The Mother of God

“I am blessed. My courage gives birth to the divine.”

What a perfect card to receive as we approach Mother’s Day! The eternal light of a mother is found within Mary.

Mary represents the profound spiritual and creative power that we all possess. She personifies the steadfast and unconditional love of the archetypal mother.

Mary leads us to trust that we can say YES to what feels RIGHT. Even if it does not follow convention or what everyone else agrees with.

What you choose does not have to make sense to our human egos, but amazing things will happen when you move in the direction of unconditional love, in the direction of what is in alignment with your spirit, with your truth…

“In the midst of our ordinary, everyday lives, we can say yes to the angel who greets us in the space of our heart and let the energy of joy give birth to the divine through us…”

*This week’s deck is the Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson (affiliate link).