Daily Divination - Saturday, November 10, 2018

HOLISTIC HEALTH - Chakra Reading Cards

root chakra

This powerful card wants us to remember that WE are powerful healers. Our body has the amazing capacity to heal itself. Our skin repairs itself, our immune system keeps us healthy, even our blood cleans itself. In fact, every 7 years or so, we are new people; our billions of body cells are literally completely replaced with new ones! How amazing is that?!

However, our emotional and mental “junk” can get in the way of our body’s miraculous healing power, and when this happens, we can experience dis-ease in our bodies.

This card is reminding us to be grounded in our body, to take care of our physical being, and to allow for it to do the job it’s meant to do. Worry, anxiety, fear, stress, blame, anger...are all emotions that cause our physical bodily harm. So, if you’re suffering in your heart or mind, please find yourself a good energy healer, someone to help you align and balance your amazing human energy system so that your physical self can flourish!

*This week’s deck is the Chakra Reading Cards (affiliate link).