Daily Divination - Tuesday, June 25, 2019

HEAVENLY SIGNS: Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes


As I channel this, I hear a bird singing his song in the background. Certain birds are absolutely spiritual signs for me... a bluebird comes to tell me that my Angels and Guides hear me and that I am loved and supported. A Cardinal shows up to remind me that loved ones who have passed still walk with me, and red-tailed hawks swoop in front of me or leave their feathers in my path so that I know I am Divinely protected.

What signs have you been hearing and noticing of late? Know for sure that if you are seeing special repeating numbers or are seeing items or animals that you have deemed "spiritual" or "significant" these are signs from above, your guideposts helping you move forward.

"This card comes to you as one of many signs you're receiving from above to let you know that you're loved and watched over. Heaven frequently dispatches butterflies to signal that a passed-on loved one is happy and sending you encouragement. Additional signs may include birds, feathers, and rainbows, or something else in nature. Or your signs might involve coins, music or other human-made items. You're asked to notice and trust these signs so that you'll feel Heaven's presence in your daily life."

*This week’s deck is the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes. (affiliate link)