Daily Divination - Wednesday, July 3, 2019

TEN OF RAPHAEL: Archangel Power Tarot


This is my favorite card of the deck. It symbolizes happiness and joy in relationships. If you are with family or loved ones today, know that it will be a joyful experience for all.

"Love and Blessings fill your life! This is a beautiful moment where it seems as though you have it all. Your family is loving and happy. You may still work hard, but there is a feeling of satisfaction and peace when you come home. Your relationships with your children or other family members are peaceful and harmonious. Relationships can be a lot of work, but they're worth it! Your hopes and dreams are within reach. If it's a beautiful home life you're seeking, you're on the right path."

This week’s deck is the Archangel Power Tarot by Raleigh Valentine (affiliate link).