Daily Divination - Thursday, May 30, 2019

FOUR OF ARIEL: Archangel Power Tarot by Raleigh Valentine


When you give you also receive! Being resistant to change. Extremes in how you save or spend money.

This card reminds you that "financial gain and resources are to be shared. When prosperity is held on to too tightly, it can make a person closed off and therefore, block the connection to future abundance. If someone has been blessed with great resources, this card can be a reminder to donate to charities and worthy causes... or it can also signify the opposite extreme that you may be too careless with your money."

But most often the message of this card is about your emotions and energy. Are you being short-sighted? Stubborn? Stuck in old unhealthy patterns and refusing to consider that there may be a better way? If so, the universe is shouting…" Don't let fear-based thoughts limit your actions."

Open to new possibilities, new ways of being and thinking and watch your life transform...

*This week’s deck is the Archangel Power Tarot by Raleigh Valentine (affiliate link).