Daily Divination - Friday, January 18, 2019


Restrictions Concerning Money

“This is not a time of indulgence, so be aware of what’s really important and consciously choose your expenditures.”

This is the old… what you NEED vs. what you WANT. Take care of your needs now, but do not worry, as the safe door is open, so it is only a matter of time. Things will get better. Be conservative now and be grateful for all you have - for gratitude is the feeling of abundance, and creates abundance.

*This week’s deck is the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Daily Divination - Thursday, January 17, 2019

ACTION - Energy Oracle

Energizing Effort, Willingness to Work

Horses are strong, and so are you. There are times to sprint, times to gallop, and times to trot. Not all action needs to be bold and fast, but all action must move forward, even with small, quiet, graceful steps.

You may choose to look at “the white horse as inner action of spirit and thought; the black as the outer work that still needs to be done. So continue taking action and trust your intuition.”

Most things in life require both inner and outer work… and you are up for the task.

*This week’s deck is the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Daily Divination - Wednesday, January 16, 2019



What is it that you desire?

“Your life force (the energy swirling in your 3rd chakra - solar plexus) is vibrating with power and resonance, and your soul is calling you to direct your energy in a focused, purposeful manner. This angel of power is with you now, so go for it!”

If you are confused and still determining what you desire…Where does your passion lead you? What path are you on personally, professionally, spiritually?

Feel increased enthusiasm towards the things that are in alignment with your true self - feel the warmth and radiance in your solar plexus. If you are not sure what those are, call on Archangel Chamuel whenever you need guidance or direction regarding your path. He will gently guide you and you may soon feel and see signs sending you in certain directions.

*This week’s deck is the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Daily Divination - Tuesday, January 15, 2019

DECEIT - Energy Oracle

Hidden Tactics, Manipulation

This can be a scary looking card - who is this person, what are they hiding… WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME!?!? Before you get all freaky and paranoid that everyone in your life is lying to you… TAKE A BREATH.

Is this really you… lying to yourself about something, hiding something from yourself? His “bag of valuables may be holding things like self-esteem, happiness, and even leisure time. Whether it is about your life or yourself, remember that the Universe has a hard time sending you honoring experiences if your energy is shrouded in self-deceit.”

This year is about standing in your truth so now is the time to expose your truth - especially to yourself. Stop telling yourself false truths about yourself (negative self-talk), your situations and why you are where you are. Just BE and be TRUE to YOU.

*This week’s deck is the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Daily Divination - Monday, January 14, 2019


Many Unconsidered Options

What could be better than kicking off the week with loads of possibility? Actually, we enter every moment of every day with endless possibilities as we are powerful co-creators.

This card is showing up for you now to remind you not to allow habit to keep you stuck and unaware of happier or healthier choices available to you.

Take a step back, be flexible… and willing to take new and different action now.

*This week’s deck is the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Daily Divination - Sunday, January 13, 2019

MAN HOLDING A COIN - Energy Oracle Cards

Male Connection in Money, Health, or Value

My oh my… this could mean so many things.

This can mean a new love interest in a wealthy man or man from work… ooh, just in time to prepare for Valentine’s Day.

It is tax time, however, so it could also be a new financial advisor or healer to remove financial blocks.

Either way this person could be helpful and bring sage advice, BUT it is important that you tune into your own intuitive guidance and weigh the information you receive.

Remember that “greater success is on its way if you take control of your own finances and act.” Looks like today may be a good day to organize those tax receipts and get ready to roll financially into 2019.

*This week’s deck is the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Daily Divination - Saturday, January 12. 2019

ANXIETY - Energy Oracle Cards

Worry or Distress

What are you worrying about… dwelling on?? Whatever it is you are worrying about is on its way out, or is so far off in the distance, there is nothing you can do about it now.

“When you live with a relaxed heart and mind, you’re far more likely to receive the solutions that you seek.”

Dwelling in the what if’s, along with the “woulda, coulda, shouda” will only rob you of the present - which is all that matters. It is in the present where you co-create with your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Relax today and focus on the now.

*This week’s deck is the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Daily Divination - Friday, January 11. 2019

CREATIVITY - Nature Spirits Oracle


“Just like the Nature Spirits, you are very creative. Once you put your mind to it and focus, you will create it. It is time to create and birth your new idea, project, or dream into form.”

Creativity is not just painting, drawing, writing, singing, dancing, and the arts. Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are four forms of energy that you create with, so be aware of these energies. What you think, feel, say… comes into being, in some form or other.

Take some time to feel into what you are creating… move, dance, listen to music, draw. See and visualize what you are birthing into this world, and let it roll.

You are a powerful, creative being!

*This week’s deck is the Nature Spirits Oracle Cards.

Daily Divination - Thursday, January 10, 2019

HARVEST - Nature Spirits Oracle


“As the Nature Spirit is picking her harvest, she reminds us that “we reap what we have sown.” That means everything from rainbows and beautiful flowers of abundance, to poisonous mushrooms.

Be mindful of the seeds you are planting (and have planted) and how you are nourishing them with your thoughts and actions. For when you work hard, with the best intentions for your highest good and the highest good of others, abundant blessings will follow.

*This week’s deck is the Nature Spirits Oracle Cards.

Daily Divination - Wednesday, January 9, 2019

EDUCATION - Nature Spirits Oracle


You are filled with intuitive wisdom you have yet to tap into. This wisdom is deep in your soul and radiating from your heart. It is not difficult to feel it - you need only breathe and begin listening.

Look for opportunities to be still and learn… through new books, teachers, mentors, but also through LIFE EXPERIENCES.

By experiencing the life that is all around you, and taking time to observe, you can center yourself and feel into your heart. All you need to know is within… and new knowledge will present itself through new opportunities and books that will serendipitously fall in your path.

*This week’s deck is the Nature Spirits Oracle Cards.

Daily Divination - Tuesday, January 8, 2019

FOLLOW YOUR PATH - Nature Spirits Oracle


“The Nature Spirit chooses to stand on one path, even though there are many different paths around her. She asks you to trust and follow the path that feels right to you.”

Feeling right to you is key… and note, there ARE other paths and you can change yours at any time. Each year, each month, each week, each day, each moment… is a chance to change your course.

When you honor your truth, you will know the path to choose… then have faith and let go of the outcomes. It is the journey and the lessons, not the destination that is important.


*This week’s deck is the Nature Spirits Oracle Cards.

Daily Divination - Monday, January 7, 2019

LEADERSHIP - Nature Spirits Oracle


It is time to take on a leadership role… but not with others, with yourself. Take control of your life and your future by getting clear on intentions and nurturing your soul with self-care. It is not about controlling everything; it is about getting clear and allowing.

You may have been a little overbearing and domineering in an external leadership situation - it is essential to balance your need for success and goal achievement, with the growth and rewards that come from learning and enjoying the journey, not rushing it.

*This week’s deck is the Nature Spirits Oracle Cards.

Daily Divination - Sunday, January 6, 2019

PLANETARY HEALING - Nature Spirits Oracle

Planetary Healing

Feel your connection to the earth. Yes, the Nature Spirits are urging us to recycle more and take better care of the world around us, BUT they are also showing the great healing that can happen when you get out there and connect with nature. The earth is so grounding for us… take advantage of that grounding energy and the life force energy emanating from everything.

There is energy in the wind, energy in the sunlight, energy in the plants, energy in the clouds, energy in the darkness, energy in the light, energy in the rocks & stones… GO BE IN NATURE… touch, listen, feel and see. There is beauty all around you and within. Connect with that beauty, that energy and heal yourself… heal yourself and heal the world.

*This week’s deck is the Nature Spirits Oracle Cards.

Daily Divination - Saturday, January 5, 2019

SELF-LOVE - Nature Spirits Oracle


“See this Nature Spirit with her heart wide open, a reflection of her true feelings towards herself. She has learned to appreciate and love herself, and she encourages you to experience the same.”

Today is the New Moon and a partial solar eclipse - do not let your negative self-talk and self-doubt eclipse your light. It is time to focus on self-love… self-care… and treating yourself like the gorgeous, worthy, god/goddess of light that you are. You deserve love, you are love. Concentrate on rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation today under this new moon. Plant your seeds of intention on loving yourself more and creating the life of your dreams, for you are the co-creator.

*This week’s deck is the Nature Spirits Oracle Cards.

Daily Divination - Friday, January 4, 2019

3 OF SCROLLS - The Akashic Tarot

Setting your course

Well, it looks like you took the advice from yesterday’s card because Source is here to say that you are back on track and heading in the right direction. Continue to follow the rainbow in the sky.

Oh, and while you’re moving forward, don’t forget to allow yourself to expand your horizons and broaden the scope of the possibilities you’re considering.

New business partnerships are possible at this time as is the potential for travel.

Think big my friend! The world is your oyster!

*This week’s deck is the Akashic Tarot (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Thursday, January 3, 2019

THE DIVINE PHYSICIAN (Reversed) - The Akashic Tarot


Maybe yesterday was a tough day? Or perhaps you are having a tough month? Year? What has gotten you off track? Why are you feeling so low, in a place of forgetting your personal power? Your strength?

Are you in the Spiritual healing world but have let yourself fall away from your daily practice, or are you feeling a splintered connection to Source?

This card is a calling, a reminder to come home to your truth. Reconnect to Source, get quiet, go within, and remember who you really are.

Self-care is the priority right now. Take care of your Soul first... ask for help, ask for guidance... and listen for the answers.

All is well in your world.

*This week’s deck is the Akashic Tarot (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Wednesday, January 2, 2019

3 OF KEYS - The Akashic Tarot

The Chess Game

Okay so perhaps you are heading back to work today? Maybe you have a meeting or some kind of reunion of sorts? Online or in person, whatever the meeting or group setting, be prepared for some potential conflict. This could even extend to an individual relationship where a family member or lover is the chess ♟piece trying to bowl you over.

There could be deceit involved, or at the very least, people involved in the conflict appear to be out for personal gain or are only focused on their own agenda..

Now is not really the time for any drama or definitive action on your part, just be prepared for this potential conflict, and do your best to detach and observe.

Step back and zip your lips as best as you can. You’ll know if and when it’s time to respond or distance yourself on a more permanent basis.

*This week’s deck is the Akashic Tarot (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Tuesday, January 1, 2019

TWO OF SCROLLS (Reversed) - The Akashic Tarot

2 OF SCROLLS (Reversed)
Two Worlds

Happy New Year!
What a perfect card for today…

“The reversal of this card is one of great release…
You have the opportunity now to act on your highest ideas and convictions. You may have been torn between worlds - or even between light and dark - but now you’ve discovered a greater sense of your  truth.”

You are now able to comfortably integrate your spiritual world with your daily reality, and from this... your “Divine Soul is the driving force of your life.”

So go for it! Manifest the life you want…

All is well in your world.

*This week’s deck is the Akashic Tarot (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Monday, December 31, 2018

REFLECTION (Reversed) - The Akashic Tarot


Are lower energies taking over your experience?
Your connection to Source is interrupted…
This card is a simple and clear sign - reconnect to your Highest Self.

“It’s time to look within and understand the emotional storms that are influencing you - do they stem from lack or fear?”

Once you reconnect to Source, your light will turn back on.

All is well in your world.

*This week’s deck is the Akashic Tarot (affiliate link).

Daily Divination - Sunday, December 30, 2018

UP IN THE AIR (REVERSED) - The Akashic Tarot

Up in the Air (Reversed)

During this time in your life, there are aspects of an important situation that are hidden to you. You may feel a strong, almost urgent desire to know how it’s going to turn out. You can connect with your Spirit guides and the Akashic records and ask for a little insight, but there are elements that are unknown at this time…

Sometimes we just have to wait - painful right?

But know that oftentimes there is so much happening behind the scene that we simply cannot control and or imagine, so allow the Universe to do its job.

Soon enough you’ll have the information you need.

All is well in your world.

*This week’s deck is the Akashic Tarot (affiliate link).