Custom Mala & Chakra Healing

Are you ready to make magic happen?

Whether you are looking to begin a meditation practice or to learn more about what help you need to balance your chakras, this package is right for you. The Custom Mala and Chakra Reading is a unique opportunity to truly get in touch with your energetic needs. Give yourself the gift of a soulful, one-of-a-kind piece of meditative jewelry while learning what your energetic body is doing and where it needs assistance and healing.

Who will benefit from a Custom Mala & Chakra Healing?

You will benefit from a Custom Mala & Chakra Reading & Healing if

  • you have you been feeling blocked emotionally or on a creative level.

  • you have felt ungrounded and out of sorts.

  • you have been stuck in a pattern of distrust or have been unwilling to forgive.

  • you have been wanting to open up your 6th sense and get more in touch with your intuition.

  • you are struggling with your place in this crazy world and your self-esteem is sitting in the back seat.

  • you simply want to feel calm, balanced and more at peace.

Let Kim connect with you on a soul to soul level and create something magical...

What is a Custom Mala & Chakra Reading?

I connect with you on a soul to soul level to feel and read your energy, looking for blockages, leaks, or anything that might impinge the proper flow of energy in through your chakras and along the meridians of your body.

While I am in this meditative state, where I am connecting to you across the ethers, I ask your Spirit Guides for a mantra. Once this is given to me and I have all the information I need, I give you a Oneness Blessing and release myself from your energy.

If you have chosen the additional Healing package, I stay connected on a deeper level, to send you powerful Source energy to balance and heal your chakras and energetic body.

I take the knowledge I gained and create a custom Reiki-Infused Chakra Mala for you. As I create this mala, I string each and every bead with the mantra given to me by your Spirit Guide. Each bead is hand-knotted, so there is much love and intention being put into this gift for you.

When it is complete, I will again sit in meditation and give the mala Reiki and a blessing before mailing it out along with a copy of your sacred mantra. This mala and mantra is specially made and intended just for you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy the process of creating this sacred work of art.

Let Kim connect with you on a soul to soul level and create something magical...  

Where, When and How?

Before the Reading

Once you book your Custom Mala and Chakra Reading session I will send a confirmation email. For this service there is nothing you need to do from there on out. Just relax and be your wonderful self. During the actual appointment time you can go about your usual day. You could be working, napping, eating dinner, playing with your children or pets, whatever you’d like to do!

During the Reading

During the appointment time I will connect to you on a soul to soul level to perform your reading and to receive your sacred mantra. This usually takes between 30-45 minutes.

After the Reading

After the reading, I will gather my notes and type them up in an email for you and send that off. Over the next 72 hours I will work to create your beautiful custom mala, infuse it with Reiki and mail it out to you via USPS Priority mail with a tracking number. If there is some stone that I feel I must absolutely use in your mala that I do not have in stock, the order will take longer than 72 hours, but I will stay in contact with you and keep you aware of what is going on with your order and when you can expect it.

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Get your body, mind and spirit back on track. A Distance Intuitive Healing and Reiki Session will raise your vibration and leave you feeling fabulous.

Let Kim connect with you on a soul to soul level and create something magical...  

Your healing includes:

You will receive a beautiful hand-knotted, Reiki-infused custom mala with this session. During the reading your very own Spirit Guides will pass along a sacred mantra that I will use to string each of the 108 beads on to your mala. This creates a magical piece of meditative jewelry that is one of a kind.