Spellwork with Kim

The number one rule in magick is that you believe. I believe in you and want for you to feel empowered by working magick. A simple explanation of magick is manifestation with props. The “props” lend their powerful energy to increase the vibrational frequency of what you desire. The Universe hears this call loud and clear. It is very empowering.

Let’s make magic happen!

Who will benefit from Spellwork?

You will benefit from Spellwork if 

  • you wish to see your desires come to fruition.

  • you seek to have more control over what you manifest.

  • you are ready to step into your power.

  • you are interested in feeling energy course through you.

  • you are ready to make a purposeful impact on your own life.

What is Spellwork?

Energy is Everything...

Magic (magick) has been around at least as long as written history and has existed throughout every major civilization. It is only as evil and destructive as the person who wields it, just as with any other position of power. The magick I create and pass along is for the best and highest good, and I know you will use it for the same.

Magick was the Law of Attraction at work long before anyone ever spoke those words or knew what it meant. It is about bringing your thoughts and desires into reality. Sometimes that is through the power of written or spoken spells, or charms, or other times more elaborate spells enlisting several steps and ingredients.

Every single thing, living or not, emits energy, a vibration that oftentimes matches its purpose. Because my specialty is herbs, let’s use that as an example. Herbs have specific purposes - long tested over millennia - that are both medicinal and magickal. These herbs also have a vibration that matches their purpose, so, when you are using them, whether to heal or invoke a spell, you are increasing the odds of positive change because you are raising the vibration to your desired result. Good health or let’s say prosperity.

In magic, you are working to create a vibrational match to what you desire. By using these different elements, or ingredients, with all their different qualities and energies with purpose, to create a spell with the intention of manifesting your desires simply builds that vibration stronger and stronger. Add your own personal power (after doing a few successful spells you will see just how much you possess) and that of the Higher Power you petition the Universe is hearing your call loud and clear.

Let’s make magic happen!

You can purchase a standard spell, with the option to add a 30 minute consult with Kim, or choose to have your very own custom spell created. Due to shipping costs, there are different prices for US vs International shipping.

LOVE spell

Love Spell

Have you had difficulty making meaningful connections with the right people? Are you longing to meet that special someone? This spell allows you to remove blocks, open your heart chakra and draw the right person to you.

Good Health Spell

Good Health Spell

The Good health spell is perfect for aligning you with healing, breaking bad habits or weight loss. There is a process to remove blocks so that you can allow the positive to take its place, aligning your energy to manifest what you truly desire.

Prosperity Spell

Prosperity Spell

Is prosperity something you spend energy searching for, dreaming of, and yet it seems out of reach? You can now banish money blocks and align yourself with wealth and prosperity, welcoming it into your life from all directions.

Your Spell includes:

  • A letter of preparation along with every ingredient of the spell you need. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to use the ingredients and how to perform the spell on card stock to be placed in the card holder. The card holder is to make the spellwork easier so you can focus on the FEELINGS.

  • You will also receive a gratitude tea to drink for the closing ceremony. This is NOT to be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding - substituting with chamomile or a warm cup of lemon water will do instead.

Standard Spell ADD-ONS:

30 Minute Spell Consultation - $49

You may opt for a 30 minute consult for the spell you are requesting to better understand your needs and better understand what you need to do. If purchasing the Love or Health Spell, this may be of more importance to you than the Prosperity spell.

  • LOVE SPELL - I will sit in a quick meditation to get the design of your Love Bracelet downloaded.

  • HEALTH SPELL - You will fill out a questionnaire regarding which type of health spell you desire and answer questions I require to best serve you.

  • PROSPERITY SPELL - Decide if you want the Better Business Booster (below) if you are self-employed or work on commission.

Better Business Booster Add-On - $15

A small spell to be done as part of the prosperity spell for the self-employed or those who work for commission.

Meditosis Add-On - $5

A powerful blend of Meditation and hypnosis to prepare your mind for success and keep it on the right track. There is one for each spell, a customized version to bring you the desired results you are looking for. (regular price $9.99)

Custom Spellwork

Create energetic assistance for your manifesting efforts with a custom spell. You begin with a 30 minute session to discuss what issues you are having (love, money, confidence, need for protection, legal work, redirecting your focus), just about anything you can think of can be made into a spell. Kim will then craft the perfect spell and send you a kit along with instructions and the perfect timing. OR you have the option to have Kim cast the spell for you.

Custom Magick Session & Spell Kit - $133

Custom Magick Session w/ Spell Casting - $177

After a 30 minute video consult discussing your desires, I will craft a spell AND cast the spell for you.

NOTE: While results are often fabulous and people have great success stories, success isn’t 100% guaranteed. You are not paying for results, but expertise, time and supplies.

Manifest your heart’s desire with a touch of magick!