Do you feel like a hot mess sometimes, or just all over the place? If so, we know how hard it can be to remain centered and balanced.

Let us help!!

Join the Free Chakra Project

7 Days to Find your Center & Trust your Vibe!



  • Deepen your understanding of the chakras

  • Get priority access to easy-to-use tools to clear and balance them

  • Learn to trust your inner voice and actually take action

  • Feel more like yourself

This 7 day challenge will help you to find your center, feel safe and secure no matter what is happening around you, tune in to your inner voice and get your groove back.

All so you can bounce back and everything feels easier. 

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When do we do it?

Begins on May 6th, 2018

  • Sunday, May 6 - Chakra Project KICKOFF

  • Monday, May 7 - Root Chakra

  • Tuesday, May 8 - Sacral Chakra

  • Wednesday, May 9 - Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Thursday, May 10 - Heart Chakra

  • Friday, May 11 - Throat Chakra

  • Monday, May 14 - Third Eye Chakra

  • Tuesday, May 15 - Crown Chakra

  • Wednesday, May 16 - Chakra Wrap-up

What will you get?

Daily email with everything you need to know about the Chakra of the day, including tools to clear & balance them.

Private Facebook group to discuss the Chakra, blocks and how we deal with them.

Daily Activity - healing, meditation, yoga or live discussion in private facebook group - to clear, balance and align the Chakra of the day.

Chakra Project PDF - at the end of the challenge you will receive a PDF including all the Chakra information shared during the challenge.

What to do + Where it happens

Sign up for the Chakra Project above to receive the daily email.

Then join the private 100% JUDGEMENT FREE Facebook group for the Daily activity and all the interaction with our wonderful Soulful Practitioners.