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Booking your session is simple and easy. First, select the kind of service I may provide for you. Next, select a time in the scheduler, enter payment and submit! You will receive confirmation from me within 24-48 hours.

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Services Offered


Intuitive Guidance & Intro Hypnotherapy - $222

In this 90 minute remote session, you will experience the best of Leanne’s signature services. She will combine her expertise in the area of stress relief, her compassionate guidance and release techniques for past or present trauma, and you’ll also receive a preliminary hypnotherapy session, so you can experience a taste of what is possible!

1:1 Cellular Release Hypnotherapy

Cellular Release Hypnotherapy is a profound healing service for the broken-hearted little girl in all of us, who has suffered from a trauma, whether that be physical, emotional, psychological, or cellular.  Each package will be custom tailored to your specific needs.

You will receive a code with instructions on how to book your session.

  • 3 Session Package - $637

  • 30 Day Package (4 sessions) - $799 

  • 90 Day Package (12 sessions) - $2300   

You can choose FULL PAY or pay in 3 monthly payments of $766.67.           

HeartMath Coaching Groups - 6 weeks - $400

Learn to live with, manage, and master techniques to help you lessen your stress. It is easy when you learn to control your reactions and responses. HeartMath Groups are small and intimate, limited to 10 people. When you join a HeartMath group, you will be matched up with other people who have similar needs or are in your same profession. When a group of people comes together with the same intention, the effects are compounded.

You will receive a code with instructions on how to book your group sessions.

HeartMath 1:1 Coaching - 4 weeks - $800

You are invited to work with Leanne in 4 private sessions tailored to your specific needs. Private sessions provide you with your own personal blueprint for healing and management of the most stressful aspects of your life.

You will receive a code with instructions on how to book your 4 weekly sessions.

#MeToo Healing Circles - 6 weeks - $600

Combine the power of hypnotherapy and intentional group healing.  In this 6 week Intentional Group Healing Circle, you will be supporting the other members of the group, and stepping into your own personal healing space.  

You will receive a code with instructions on how to book your twice-weekly sessions.

I cannot wait to connect with you!