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    CLOSER TO JOY 4-part Video Series

    You’ve tried to live a better life and experience more joy, but does it always seems that something gets in your way? And if you’re like most of us, it usually leaves you feeling stuck - in blame, judgment, and weighed down by things outside of your control. Frankly, you’re tired of hitting the same roadblocks and struggling in your relationships, your career, or just in life in general. There’s a better way. Closer to Joy, shares how people like you and I can experience a better life and more joy...

    You will also get a BONUS COUPON CODE for Laurie’s PERMISSION TO LIVE JOYFULLY 22-day Workshop!


    We would also love to share this beautiful Chakra Project Guide with you. We provide an overview of the 7 main Chakras and how they impact your mind, body, and soul. We outline the basics and provide you with a solid roadmap to begin your inquiry into this fascinating topic. Included are also links to videos, meditations, exercises and more from all of our Soulful Practitioners.

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