#WeekendWanderings: What do I really want?

💫💫#WeekendWanderings - WHAT DO I REALLY WANT?💫💫

  • LOOK 👀 deeply into the image - the kaleidoscopic mandalas from nature help break your normal thought patterns.

  • Take a deep breath.

  • Close your eyes and LISTEN👂 with your heart 💗.

What do you feel?

What do you see?

What comes to mind?

Take the time this weekend to go within.

Wander, explore, get quiet, and listen.

Meditate on this question as it relates to a specific area of your life, or use it to focus your mind while you go about the day.

Uncomfortable with silence?

Then look at the card, ponder the question for a moment, then GO GO GO --->

Answer the question out loud or journal - total brain dump; a stream of consciousness.  Do not stop until there are no more. 

Do not edit, do not try to make sense of it - let it flow.

So, what IS possible?

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