Valentine's Day Oracle - LOVE, the precious gift worth all the thorns

This spiritual gift signifies the ending of a period of suffering and the opening up to a time of new opportunity, a flourishing and thriving release of your unique soul fragrance into the world. It is a gift worth having.
— Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild

I asked my Guides for a Valentine's Day message for you. I asked them to show me a card about LOVE with a message that YOU are meant to hear...

I chose the card from my beautiful RUMI Oracle Card Deck (affiliate link) by Alana Fairchild. I started to read the card with the sole intention of writing a Valentine’s day post about it, but what I didn’t expect was that the card was ALSO CHOSEN FOR ME. I was surprised by the sudden raw emotion this card evoked from within me; it brought me to tears. The kind of tears that meant, “Oh my, Spirit is talking to my Soul.”

The message of this Oracle sings Rumi’s poetic song of LOVE through a vision of a receiving the gift of a Divine Rose; so precious, so beautiful, so enticing, so delicate, but surrounded and protected by sharp thorns. The Oracle speaks of the thorns, and how when grasped or touched, they hurt and can make us bleed. However, when the rose is truly valued and honored, the thorns will not keep us from it. In fact, if we allow for it, the “thorns” we’ve endured can make us stronger and will allow us to recognize just how precious a gift of this Divine Rose known as love actually is...

The message spoke volumes to me. It whispered, “Let go of the past Laurie. It’s over. There is nothing left for you there, ALL THAT MATTERS IS HERE AND NOW. You are surrounded by love, by family, and friends. Rejoice in the beauty that is LOVE in your life. No thorn you have ever encountered can STEAL YOUR JOY...unless you continue to allow it to."

WOW. I felt that message.

I am embracing it. I am allowing it to penetrate the depths of my heart, which will, in turn, produce beautiful healing energy to fill those scars and erase that old pain.

I’ll let you read the card yourself so you can come up with your own interpretation of the message that is meant for you. I’m sending you endless love on this Valentine's Day. I hope you feel the warm embrace of the Divine Unconditional Love being sent to all of us through the message of this Gorgeous Oracle.

The taste of bitterness become sweetness and love!

The searching in the dark finds the light of faith revealed in love!

Love transforms thistles into Jasmine.

Love layers heaven, and gives us with wings to soar into its mystery.

Love transforms our every thought into a desire of the heart!

O Love!

How Divine is your luring!

Beauty flows from your unseen face!

Your very nature is radiant with joy!

You manifest vibrant hues in every flower! Your touch dazzles all creation!

Every particle is attracted towards you, longing to unite and dwell in you!


Celestial Rose of Ma - Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Alana Fairchild then shares a channeled message (from Rumi, I believe), followed by her interpretation of the message.

The Divine mother offers me her ROSE. How rich that gift may be! I tear my flesh on its thorns and my blood flows. I curse myself for carelessness and yet, in my desire to grasp this gift, it happens again and again. Then I realize, such is its scent, its beauty; how can I be tentative in my approach? My senses are drenched in beauty and I long to inhale the exquisite perfume, to reach for the velvet dew of the petals, soft and delicate under my touch. Perhaps I will be scraped and I will bleed; yet that is not enough to deter me, to prevent me from accepting this gift. The magnificence of the bloom renders the struggle to enjoy it as worthy, noble, essential pursuit. Of course I understand something so precious must be protected; it must be allowed to live, more than this, to thrive! So those thorns are hooks that allow for growth for those that would bear the pain of the ascent to the Rose’s blooming heart. And those thorns are barbs that keep away those that would consume the creation without appreciating it's worth and beauty. Yes, those thorns serve essential purpose. I cannot begrudge them. For I love the ROSE - and so I love what it is necessary for her to be - so I love the thorns too.


“A spiritual gift is on its way to you. The celestial Rose of the Divine Mother is a precious offering of the Sacred Love to the soul. That love can lift you beyond what you have known, beyond self-imposed limits, by the uplifting fragrance of grace. You will begin to think thoughts you have never dared think before. You will feel moved by life, by its sacredness, in a way hitherto elusive to you. You will feel ecstasy without apparent cause, and you will feel as though every breath is a seductive caress of the heavenly lover. You'll be open and surrendered in a way you have longed to be, but in a way you've never known quite how to go about. This spiritual gift signifies the ending of a period of suffering and the opening up to a time of new opportunity, a flourishing and thriving release of your unique soul fragrance into the world. It is a gift worth having.

So then, the sticking point is not the value of the gift. The sticking point - the place where one can stumble and place hands to the ground to break a fall rather than open them to receive - is in the thorn. The thorn is the point of pain. It is what it is what tears at you, but it is essential for you to receive the Rose.

Your thorn may be the love you need to let go of now, so you are open to your present rather than your haunted past.

Your thorn may be the fear that if you grow too vibrant, and embrace the Magnificent of your being, others will shun you out of jealousy, or fear, and leave you alone.

Your thorn may be a constant need to bargain with life - that you shall take one step provided, certain unwanted events don't take place - rather than just accepting it and living it as presented to you.

Your thorn may be looking deep within the heart and removing a crown of thorns - representative of your suffering over a long, long time - letting it go, allowing the heart to heal; this, with a sense of a virginal purity to emanate from the heart, realizing that even great suffering has not tarnished its radiances, but only allowed it to grow strong.

You're ready-for-love heart can now be free from expectation and instead, be open to life with curiosity and reverence. Oh those thorns! They have served their purpose; not in and of themselves, but rather, that they have proven you worthy of the Rose and ready now to receive its beauty, healing, and grace.

Whatever your thorns are or have been, be willing to deal with them, to face them, and most importantly, to release them without any shred of doubt, shame, guilt or recrimination, beloved. They have served and now their purpose has been completed. The Celestial Rose of Ma promises a gift worth so much more than any pain you are holding onto, so release to receive now. Can you sense to dew soft petals and luscious fragrance opening to you now?"

What Valentine's message did you receive ?


AUTHOR:  Laurie-Elle is the Co-Founder and an OSYL Higher Self Messenger, Intuitive Energy Healer, Intuitive Guide, Akashic Records Channel & Reiki Master. Her main purpose in this lifetime is to help you hear the whispers, the cues, and yes, even the roar of the Universe. She shares the information that will lead you to more JOY, more ABUNDANCE and to experience a greater sense of PEACE in your life.

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