How to Use your Past to Create your Ultimate Success Story

Did you know that you can use your past to create your ultimate success story?

Woman hiding, embarrassment, shame

What has happened to you that scared you?

What are you ashamed of or was embarrassing to you?

Is there something from your past that might carry a stigma?

You get the idea. Just asking yourself these questions may be pretty uncomfortable for you. Unfortunately, too many of us think that we have to run away from our past, especially if that past is associated with a trauma.  

In our culture, we are taught that the bad things we experienced are, well, bad. We are told to celebrate and remember the good things, but not the bad. Maybe do a little bit of counseling if something bad happened, but it’s best to leave it in the past.  

How many times have you heard or been told things like “leave the past behind,” “just forget about it,” or “you need to move on”?

I don’t believe this approach of forgetting and moving on is very healthy.

Not only do we avoid dealing with the event or trauma, but many of us have a tendency to “live” in the event for the rest of our lives. Perhaps living in victim mode, or some of us even let the event define us, and not in a good way.  

I personally understand this dilemma. I am a victim of abuse; and I learned that as long as I tie the emotion and the attitude of victimhood to my experiences, then I will always be a victim.

Just writing that sentence is depressing.

Change the definition

I could share countless personal examples of past events that are embarrassing, or too difficult to talk about. They aren’t pretty to discuss, and heaven forbid, you might even judge me for them.  

However, I am human and so are you!

So let’s instead focus on how we change this around. Let’s talk about how do we move from victimhood to seeing the lesson or the gift!

First of all, please recognize that the events in our lives do actually define us, but only by the definition YOU give to them. Other people do not cause you to be embarrassed; only you do that.

Secondly, what would happen if you changed the emotion and the attitude of being a victim into a celebration?

  • OMG, I was in an abusive situation, and I got out of it.

  • Not only did I survive, but I am now thriving!

  • Do you know what type of stamina, will, determination, pride, and empowerment it takes to get out of that kind of situation?

  • Hell, do you know what type of stamina, will, determination, pride, and empowerment it takes to live in that situation? Just getting out of bed every day was cause for celebration when I was in the thick of it.  


Today, I am happy.

Because of what I endured, I know that I can overcome anything that life throws at me.

My horrible, debilitating, sad, abusive past has transformed into my current day success story.

I am not a victim of abuse; I am empowered by living through abuse.

Everything we experience, everything… is a gift.

I believe that every event, every trauma, has value.  

Everything we experience, I mean everything… is a gift.

If we look closely at our traumatic experiences, there is always something to learn from it. Consider the lessons we learned.  

  • How and why did you get into that situation in the first place?

  • Do you want to go back there or prevent it from ever happening again?

  • What kind of wisdom can you pass on to your kids or friends?  

What new behaviors or outcomes come with experiencing traumatic events? Like maybe learning to forgive someone, practicing our breathing skills, deciding how to react in any given situation, or learning to be in control, so that we consciously decide how much significance to apply to the event or trauma.  

Right about now, you may want to say, well sure Leanne, you go girl, but what about me?  Easier said than done right?

soul searching, woman on beach

Well, yes and no.

As long as I was willing to stay in victim mode, I was never going to see the forest - the success, the gift - through the trees. And yes, it took a lot of very deep, soulful, divine-driven work to reach this point.

In fact, because of the trauma and abuse I endured, I started on my own hypnotherapy journey. And you know what? The journey itself became the gift.

I learned SO much about myself, about the way I think, about what I previously considered to be non-significant things from my past, about other traumatic events, about past and parallel lives, about my future self, about relationships, about soul connections, about my own soul, about my own divinity…

It’s unbelievable!

Today, I still identify with having been in an abusive relationship.  But not as a victim.

Today I am actually grateful for the experience, for having the opportunity to take a deep dive into who I am and come out of it with the feeling of true empowerment.  

I know this is something you can experience too.  

past stories

Whatever you experienced in your past, can be transformed into your success story. All you need is a willingness and a readiness to take a deep dive into you!

Look closely into your stories and use them to propel your life forward. If you need some help, I am here for you. 

You can use your past to create your ultimate success story!

Leanne McClain - Hypnotherapist & Stress Coach, HeartMath Coach, Intuitive Guidance

AUTHOR: Leanne McClain is an OSYL Hypnotherapist & Stress Coach utilizing HeartMath Coaching, Intuitive Stress Relief Guidance & Hypnotherapy for Relief from Stress, Trauma and Abuse. Her invitation to you, is to take a leap of faith and realize the divine light and love that you are, and heal. Her purpose is to help her clients find relief from the effects of abuse, trauma, or PTSD, and to help them see that it is possible to have a healthier, happier, and joyful existence.  

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