Thetahealing® and the 4 Belief Levels

Have you ever experienced Thetahealing®? Those of you following our Facebook LIVES have surely seen me giving short Theta-downloads in some of my reading/healing sessions on Friday Nights.

Thetahealing, a spiritual healing technique created by Vianna Stibal in the mid-1990s, allows you to release and change limiting beliefs and emotions you hold within your body and mind. It is known around the world as a fast and effective way of changing the way we think and feel about ourselves.

These limiting beliefs and emotions held within your subconscious are causing blockages internally within your body, and externally out in the world. The blockages could have been caused by your belief systems as well as emotional repression, fears, and traumas.

When these blockages occur, the flow of spiritual energy in the body is restricted, and this can create dis-ease within your body and also hinder you from creating the life you desire. Thetahealing enables you to identify these blockages/suppressed memories and then, using various Thetahealing techniques, changes are made to release, change, and resolve the limiting beliefs and traumas.

The 4 Belief Programs

In the Thetahealing process, there are four different levels of Belief Programs that are addressed:

CORE Belief Programs

These are the beliefs we learn in this lifetime, primarily as children, and have a significant impact on how we live our lives as adults. It is between the ages of 0-2 years when the majority of the beliefs are being created, and by the age of 7, most of our beliefs have already been established. The way we think and feel about ourselves and others will generally develop through interactions with our parents. How they speak and act towards us and others will all be reflected in our interactions with others.

GENETIC Belief Programs

It is believed that there are 7-14 generations of our Ancestor’s Belief Programs and memories held within our DNA. That means that not only do we get our physical form and features from them but also that we inherit their beliefs and memories. There are so many of these beliefs that are no longer relevant to this day and age but are still sitting in our subconscious and affecting our lives today.

HISTORY Belief Programs

Our memories of past lives and any group consciousness memories are brought through, into this lifetime. These beliefs and memories can only be resolved, as we can’t change the past, only how we feel about it. This level is often where Oaths, Vows, Agreements, Contracts are found, and they really need to get canceled. Who wants to still have Oaths and Vows of Poverty, Celibacy, Chastity, etc., still impacting them?

SOUL LEVEL Belief Programs

This is our entire being. This is also where the memories and emotions of where and when we lost parts of our souls, are kept.

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are created when we are repeatedly told something or treated in a manner that creates a belief or what we now accept as “truth.” This includes what we tell ourselves!

Beliefs can be held in one or more of the above belief levels. You can also have dual beliefs programs, and these can cause extreme fluctuations in how you think about yourself.

For example: one minute you love yourself and the next you hate yourself, and you don’t understand why you keep feeling like this. It’s the dual beliefs having a duel on how you are going to behave, or some action has caused the dual belief to kick in. It can be an exhausting roller coaster of emotions.

Here are some common beliefs that can be held in the subconscious mind… do any of them sound familiar?

  • I am useless

  • I am not worthy

  • I hate myself

  • Money is Evil

  • People don’t like me

  • I am unlovable

  • Life is unfair

  • I am always the victim

  • I always lose my money

  • People I love, always leave me.

Having these sorts of beliefs can create so much pain, confusion, and anguish in your life and really limit how wonderful life can be.

How Thetahealing can help…

Thetahealing helps to discover the base negative beliefs that are holding you back, and once they are found, changes them into positive ones. If they are on the Past Life Level, they will be resolved, which then helps you achieve the happy, healthy, prosperous, abundant life you desire.

Over the centuries, as life has become more and more materialistic, it appears that feelings have just become words. Thetahealing Downloads are a powerful tool to use so your subconscious can learn (or relearn) to know and understand the true meaning and feeling of emotions, and how to use them for our highest and best outcomes.  

Examples of the positive emotions Downloads are Love, Happiness, Peace, Joy, Contentment, Gratitude, Self Esteem, Self Worth, Pride in Self, Honour, Respect, Cherished.

So many people are internally unhappy with themselves. They turn this unhappiness towards others and can become judgmental and critical of others, frequently comparing themselves to others and always finding themselves lacking, always wanting more and never achieving their goals.

Downloads can also teach you how to live without negative feelings affecting you on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean you will never feel them again, as sometimes some of these may be the things that keep you safe. Some of the negative feelings are Anger, Jealousy, Envy, Hate, Fear, Frustration, Doubt, Depression, Neglected, Abused.

Healing Trauma and more

Thetahealing is amazing for dealing with traumas since you do not have to relive every painful memory. It is more about how you felt and what limiting beliefs have been created, or what old ones stored in your DNA suddenly kicked into life, as you may have suffered a similar trauma in a Past Life or an Ancestor had a similar experience. Once the beliefs have been found it is a straightforward process to change or resolve them.

There are many more aspects of Thetahealing that may be used in a session;

  • Soul Fragments - returning yours and removing others Soul Fragments from your Soul.

  • Repair a Broken Soul

  • Healing in the Womb (especially powerful for those that have never felt wanted by their parents)

People always feel lighter and happier after a session. They often say that they feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders, that the burden/sorrow has lifted.

They feel expansive and that they can now move forward into a brighter and happier future without the Past continuing to haunt them.

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AUTHOR: Lois Lovegrove is an OSYL Intuitive Problem Solver & Healer, Angel Channel and Heart Song Purveyor. She loves working with Energy and enjoys the wonderful experience of being able to help others improve their lives by helping them feel happier and healthier, while removing pain and blockages from their body. 

Find out more about Lois and her services HERE.