The Clairs: What is Your Dominant Sense

Whether it is a gut feeling, an instinctual reaction, insight from a dream, or a certain knowing you just can’t kick, we all have the gift of intuition (yes, that means YOU!). And, if you’re sitting here thinking, “really, all I hear are crickets” or “I know I feel stuff, but I have no idea if I can trust it or if it’s even real”... I hear you, AND I get it.

see no evil

When I was first beginning to develop my spiritual connection, I had many run-ins with self-doubt. Since I was a child I’ve received strong gut feelings and inner knowings and yet time and again, I ignored them. We all have our reasons and stories for why we ignore our intuition. However, at what cost do we continue to ignore a part of us, innate insight, that is here to serve and guide us?  

As I sit here on my back patio writing to you, I am brought to a place of reflection. I go back to a time, not far from here, where I often felt without power and direction, and I feared my intuition.


What if it’s wrong?

What if I’m lead astray?

What if it can’t be trusted?

What if I fail?

What if intuition is a sham?

I smile today, feeling the presence of my spiritual connection and the benevolent presence around me. And even within this knowing, sometimes I still go astray.  If the only thing constant is change, then I am forever in a learning phase. Today, tomorrow, and the day after are all opportunities to try again...listening to my intuition, honoring my inner knowings and feelings, and inevitably trusting mySelf.

We all have intuition, however how our intuition communicates is different from person to person.

You will find that you have one or a few more dominant ways in which your intuition communicates with you, however, sometimes it can feel like information comes tumbling down the channel at the same time. Sometimes the process feels like a Nancy Drew novel, “okay so this sensation meant that, and those words were talking about this….?”

It doesn’t always make sense right away.

We don’t always get the full picture.

And sometimes we hear things we wish we didn’t.

It takes courage, commitment, and integrity with Self to connect with, listen to, and allow your intuition to co-create your path alongside you. Your intuition is meant to be your inner compass, a close friend, a resource, that voice of truth on the other shoulder that balances out the other voice of fear.

How does your intuition communicate with you?

Like your very own radio show, spiritual updates and conversations are always happening around you; it’s really just a matter of figuring out how your spirit is communicating with you and tuning into that station.

To begin ‘nancy drewing’ your own intuitive connection we will begin by tuning into your five senses. Are there specific senses that you rely more heavily on throughout your day?

  • Are you a visual person, envisioning things in your ‘imagination’ or inner (third) eye?

  • Do you feel a lot of sensation - ever get sick to your stomach, and/or feel gut feelings or tension in your body with conflict?

  • Are you a great listener, do you have a heightened sense of hearing, or do you sometimes get ideas that just sort of drop into your brain and you’re not sure where they came from?

  • Do you have a deep connection to smell? Affected by essential oils, aware of how smells impact your body and mind, do you ever smell things that others can’t?

  • Do you feel connection to certain items, aware of their energy and interested in their story?

The clair senses are extrasensory abilities that help us perceive the world around us, as well as the world within us. Extrasensory perception (ESP) can come in many forms, and most individuals have a couple of dominant sources of perception, among other weaker connections.

When I open up my channels, I am flooded with impressions: thoughts & whispers, feelings in my solar plexus or heart, knowings, and sometimes visions and stories like movies.

To help you determine what your dominant clairs are, I will talk a little bit about each clair and how they can interact with us.

Blind date with your Clairs

Clairvoyance or Clear Sight

Clairvoyance, clear sight

Clairvoyance offers extrasensory impressions and symbols in the form of mental images in what some of us would refer to as the imagination (creation space) or inner mind’s eye/third eye.

You may be clairvoyant if you have vivid dreams (and this could be often, or at pivotal times), mental images, or movie-like visions play like a projector in your mind. Many clairvoyants are highly visual and understand ideas and concepts best when they are sketched out in front of them. Often clairvoyants will choose careers in art, building, photography, design, etc., with a focus on envisioning things and bringing them to life. With increased spatial awareness you may be skilled in organizing everyday things like the fridge after a Costco trip, or the car before a family canoeing adventure.

Do you ever see things out of the corner of your eye - that’s Spirit. You may be able to develop the ability to see colors, textures, and shapes (auras) around people, plants, animals, and spaces. And perhaps you are able to see spirits who have passed over, angels, or guides. Clairvoyants are often given information looking into the future (precognition) or past (postcognition) in order to find more direction and encouragement in the present.

Claircognizance or Clear Knowing

claircognizance, downloads, intuition

Claircognizance is when you suddenly know something to be true, without proof, justification, or evidence. You just know, and it makes deep sense within your mind. These knowings can come when your driving, walking, sitting in meditation, or even when you’re in conversation with someone else. It will hit you like a stroke of brilliance in a work meeting, or come through as an instant download, or a nagging idea or unrelenting thought. Sometimes you will have feelings (intuitions) like someone is lying to you, or have resistance towards a plan or certain situation.

As I’ve shared earlier, we often have more than one sense that our Intuition and guides like to communicate with us through, so it may take time to decipher one sense from the other. For example, people can often confuse clear knowing with clairsentience (clear feeling) because their “knowing” will come with a physical reaction to the insight (a gut feeling). Often our gifts will work together to give us a good understanding of what we are meant to receive. And over time with practice, you will be able to distinguish the difference.

Clairsentience or Clear Feeling

Clairsentience, clear feeling

Clairsentience is when you receive intuitive insight through physical, sensory feedback. For example, you have a “gut feeling,” someone rubs you the wrong way and you don’t know why, all of the sudden you get the chills, or you get a good “feeling” about a job interview. These are all examples of insight coming through the body.

Clairsentients feel the experience of other individuals, animals, spaces and land. Often clairsentients have been known to feel the presence of war on land, sadness or worry in a friend, and “good vibes” (or a lack of flow) within a space. This experience of feeling, rather than just sensing or knowing, is exactly what I was talking about in my recent blog, The Shadow of an Empath when understanding the difference between an empath and a highly sensitive person (HSP).

It is important, as someone who feels other people’s emotions and experiences, that you develop a disciplined practice in understanding where your energy stops and other energy begins. This practice could involve meditative movement such as yoga, martial arts, or tai chi, meditation, or mentorship with an elder/teacher/shaman who can guide you in a deeper understanding of energy awareness. Individuals who are not only in tune with their own feelings, but what others are feeling too, are easily driven towards roles in healing and caregiving. Often those with clear feeling pursue careers as doctors, nurses, manual therapists, counselors, teachers, and child care workers.

ClairaudienCE or Clear Hearing

Clairaudient, clear hearing

Clairaudience is when you are able to hear words, whispers, or sounds from the spiritual or ethereal realms. This could mean hearing messages from ascended masters, animal guides, ancestors, loved ones from the past, or even voices that seem to come from within YOU.

Someone is referred to as clairaudient if their primary way of receiving intuitive direction is with their inner or outer hearing. And before you get all wigged out about “hearing voices” in your head again, don’t worry it’s not actually like you’re talking to yourself….well, actually sometimes your spirit is talking to you so technically you could….never mind, let’s keep going. For example, you could be sitting in a cafe enjoying a book and coffee when something inside of your head says “look up” and when you do you see an old friend you were just thinking about the other day.

What are the chances?

That voice didn’t come from you, but it was definitely in the space of your mind. Those of us with clear hearing are often verbal processors and learn best from having discussions about topics and listening to others. Clairaudient’s tend to have natural inclinations towards music, singing, writing, public speaking, and teaching.

Clairgustance or Clear Tasting

clear tasting, clairgustance

Clairgustance offers psychic information through the form of taste, except there’s no physical source of flavor. Sometimes individuals with clairgustance will report tasting a favorite food or drink of a past loved one, or some police detectives have reported experiencing weird tastes in their mouths, aligning with the flavor of blood or specific chemicals that guide them towards a clue for their case.

Those with a heightened sense of taste are often foodies, and can even go on to be great chefs, bakers, or food critics. And with this, it will be important to be connected to what you are putting into your body, such as the quality and grade of your food. And if you’ve got clear tasting, please come over to my house at the end of the month and help me figure out what food has gone bad...I always hate being the one to test the yogurt.

Clairalience or Clear Smelling

clear smelling, clairalience

Clairalience is when someone has a heightened sense of smell which directs them to psychic information. And this is more than just your Mom’s ability to tell if you’ve been drinking the night before. For example, someone with clear smelling might detect the odor of a past loved one trying to communicate with them through the smell of their favorite perfume or cigar/cigarette, or maybe they smell their Sister’s favorite flower, lilacs, and this is a nudge to call their sister and make sure she’s okay.

This information is received through their psychic nose, where the sense of smell is so strong and connected, that certain odors will connect a person to past memories, thoughts, feelings, and knowings (this is where other dominant psychic senses may work together). Individuals with clear smelling may be passionate about careers as a florist, detective, aromatherapist, sommelier, or scientist.

What resonated with you, gave you goosebumps, got your heart racing, or made you think of a million other questions you want to ask? Those may be your dominant senses whispering and nudging you to pay attention, learn more, or open up to their signs.

Shhh….listen, feel, watch, be aware...notice!

And remember we are all unique!

As I read more books about extrasensory perception (ESP: psychic abilities and mediumship) and meet more psychics, mediums, intuitives, and healers, I am continually feeling inspired or curious about how they connect and receive information. There have been times where I’ve compared my modes of intuition to others and thought, “oh, my gifts don’t work that way, maybe I’m not this after all…” And with more experience I’ve come to understand that these gifts are unique to us all, and may not fit into another’s categorization of what clairvoyant or clairaudient means.  

For example, some mediums share they actually see the dead, however, for me, it’s more of a feeling. And then that feeling gives me information about what they look like, their name, and any messages through inner talk and whisperings. In both examples of mediumship, both myself and this other medium communicates with the dead; however we receive our information through different mediums. One is not better than the other.

How do I recognize what my dominant sense is?


Maybe you already have an idea of what your dominant sense is, perhaps you’re still unsure or simply curious.

Follow along with a simple activity below to find some clues…

Find a nice tall seat, wherever you are, ground your feet on the floor or ground, and take a couple of nice deep breaths to center yourself.


Now, have a look around you and take in the details, use your senses, to notice where you are and what’s around you.  

10 seconds, GO!

Now close your eyes and bring forward the information: what did you notice? Were you aware of any sounds, the lighting, colors, any smells, how does the space feel? Write these details down.

Now, with eyes open or closed (some people will prefer one over the other, or try both) connect deeper to the space - is there anything else that you are aware of?

Based on what you noticed, look back over the descriptions of each clair and pick out which senses are more dominant for you. Jot down some of the ways that your intuition and guides may be communicating with you via these senses and reflect on any times, in hindsight that you can see these messages waiting to be heard.

Over the next week, consider your dominant sense(s) and choose to work with this sense a little further. Here are some ideas to get the insight flowing:

  • free stream journaling to connect to your clear knowing

  • a morning meditation practice to connect deeper to your clear feeling

  • or a chakra chant/OM’ing exercise (check out Jonathan Goldman’s Chakra Tuner app for chakra chanting and sounding, and also to learn more about the chakras characteristics in sound healing) to work your voice box and open up to clear hearing.

Feeling excited & want to learn more?!

Natasha & Laurie had a beautiful FB LIVE discussion HERE last September discussing the clairs and how they both have begun to understand how the world and their guides send them information. How do YOU see, hear, feel the world around you?

Then stay tuned… Natasha will be launching her latest master class on Connecting back to Source through your Intuition. In the meantime join her for her live chats, follow her blogs, or book a session with Natasha to get a “feel” for her approach to healing and Spirit connection.

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AUTHOR: Natasha Allain is an OSYL Igniter and Mirror of Truth, Modern Medium, Healer, Yogi & Intentional Artisan. Her main purpose is to truly see You. She is here to mirror your Gold and hold space for you to reclaim your Spirit! Together, you will journey inwards and foster a stronger communication line between your body, mind, and Spirit.

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