The Angels of Emotions - Who are they?

As an Intuitive Healer, I have been blessed with a beautiful chorus of Angels that I have named The Angels of Emotions. But who are the Angels of Emotions and how did they come into my life?

Beam of light

Back in 1992, shortly after receiving my 1st Degree Reiki training, I was giving myself a treatment when an amazing thing happened. All of a sudden my hands lifted off my body and the palms of my hands ended up by my shoulders, facing outwards. It was a little bit disconcerting, to say the least, but I had no power to stop it. Next, this White Light poured into my Third Eye and into the centre of my Palms. I am not sure how long it went on for, but it was quite some time. It was amazing, and I felt quite safe and protected, with no sense of fear about what was happening.

After this experience, my hands started to do their own thing and refused to stay in the traditional Reiki positions. Luckily for me, the Reiki Circle I was involved with was a group of very experience Healers, and they encouraged me to do “my own thing.” Though I never fully understood what was going on, I knew in my heart that I wasn’t doing any harm to anyone. I just accepted that it was happening, and got on with the task of helping others on their healing journey.

It stayed like that until about 2015, when I started working full time as an Intuitive Healer. One day, I asked Creator to help me grow my business. I put the call out, had faith, and then got on with what I was doing, which at the time was predominately Thetahealing.

Following my request for help, three things happened.

  1. While working with a client, I suddenly saw a big white Angel come in and lay down on top of the client.

  2. A new client, who was a Psychic herself, told me that she could see Angels all around me and that she had never seen that many around one person before.

  3. The energy in my hands suddenly increased dramatically. I started doing a lot of hand and arm movements above the bodies of clients, and each time the pattern changed. I was hearing words like Love, Joy, Family, Peace, Truth, Trust, Anger, and Passion.

Angels had never been part of my life, so I was a bit perplexed. The only training I had ever done was a small exercise at a Thetahealing Workshop on how to see someone’s Guardian Angel. I had never used or called in the Archangels; I always went straight to Creator. I did have a couple of decks of *Angel Oracle Cards (*affiliate link) but that was the sum of my interaction with Angels.

It wasn’t until I started to tell my clients what I was experiencing and asking them what they were experiencing, that I put the pieces together.

The Angels of Emotions came into the light.

As I worked more and more with them through my Divine Oracle Sessions with Angels of Emotions Clearings, I discovered their true power. They remove energetic imprints from the Auric Layers, imprints of memories that no longer serve any purpose, and fill those spots up with the beautiful energy of Love, Happiness, Joy, etc. Each session is completely different, because it entirely depends on what the client needs that day.

I have seen truly amazing things happen with these beautiful Angels. I have had clients in deep despair, suddenly start to giggle and then laugh throughout the whole session, and they leave looking like a changed person. I have seen people patting the table because they think they have floated off somewhere and need to check that they are still in my room.

The clients all see and experience different things, but the one thing they all have in common is that they leave feeling, refreshed, revitalized, expansive, that the world seems like a far happier place and that the burdens they have been carrying have been put down.

These Angels of Emotions are truly amazing, and you don’t have to be physically with me to experience their magic.

FREE Guided Meditation

To share a taste of their magical healing, they have created this beautiful Guided Meditation for you. It is the Angels of Love and Expansiveness that have guided my words and the healing within.

May your life be more magical and loving after listening to it.

Angels of Emotions Meditation and Healing

FREE Angel of Emotions Guided Meditation

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AUTHOR: Lois Lovegrove is an OSYL Intuitive Healer, Angel Channel and Heart Song Purveyor. She loves working with Energy and enjoys the wonderful experience of being able to help others improve their lives by helping them feel happier and healthier, while removing pain and blockages from their body. 

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