Simple Space Clearing Using Items from your Pantry

Whether it is the New Year, a new month or a new day, I love new beginnings and celebrating even the smallest fresh start. My favorite way to do this is clearing my space and keeping the energy positive and new.

My powerful hand crafted home blessing kits contain everything you need to raise the vibration in your home by clearing, blessing and protecting it. I even include enough materials and magic to do it twice with a spare smudging in between.

However, if you need a clearing now, but do not have access to my custom blends, tools and instructions, the following method is an easy way to clear and protect your space.

Say goodbye to clutter.

Clutter disrupts the flow of positive energy.

How do you feel walking into a room full of clutter vs. a neat and organized space? Having clutter around affects your disposition and your ability to get things done. It is always best, for your mood and your energy, to have as many unnecessary things put away as possible.  Even better is to give away or throw away what is no longer of use. Just keeping your area clutter-free will keep the vibration higher in the room.

Smudging, sage, abalone shell, feather

Smudge me baby.

Smudging is the act of burning cleansing herbs or incense, usually accompanied by prayer, to energetically cleanse a person, place or thing. It has been practiced for centuries in many cultures. The ancient Romans and Egyptians did it with incense (especially frankincense) as a way to perfume the body. Native Americans did/do it with sage, cedar or sweetgrass as a way to purify the self or tools for ceremony. South American shamans use the sacred Palo Santo wood.

Bay leaves, spices, smudging, pantry

Nearly everyone has sage these days, but if you don’t, then go to your spice cabinet and grab a few bay leaves. Bay leaves are fabulous for cleansing, protection, and healing, so they are a perfect substitute for sage. People have said that bay leaves may have a psychoactive effect, so you might want to keep your face directly out of the smoke.

When Smudging, you will also need a heatproof dish or abalone shell beneath your smudge stick or bay leaves to catch the embers. If burning bay leaves, a bit of sand makes a nice bed upon which to lay the leaves.

Keep the doors and windows shut. By doing this, you keep any negative energy flowing in one direction, and it allows you to maintain control over the flow of all the incoming and outgoing energy. Begin in the furthest corner of the house and work your way towards the front door, going through each room, including bathrooms and closets along the way. You want to pay particular attention to under beds, corners, behind doors that are left open more often than not, and mirrors.

Before you get to the front door, grab some of my Black Salt, or use sea salt from your cupboard (even Morton’s will do in a pinch), this you will use in a moment. Continue to smudge towards the front door and walk through it.

Say a Little Prayer or Blessing

When you reach the front door, ask that only good and light, or perhaps those who are for your family’s highest good, cross your threshold. This way, "bitchy" family members can still get in. They may not be good and light (in your eyes), but they may be for your highest good. Ask that no harm comes to anyone who resides in your home and that you all be kept happy, healthy and whole.

Then come back through your doorway and drop a trail of salt across the threshold and say “Amen,” “So mote it be” or “And so it is.” Whatever you are comfortable saying with conviction and definitive action. These words "seal the deal", so to speak. They are your power words. You want all of your words to be said with conviction. But especially these.

In With the Good

Now, if you are Ultra Woo Woo, you might have a braid of sweetgrass or a stick of Palo Santo wood laying around. If you do, then please whip them out and burn some, preferably in each room. If you do not have these then diffusing essential oil or burning incense will have to do. The preferred scents are frankincense, myrrh, and copal because they are very high vibration. You should stock them in your space. If you have none of the above, then put on your best high vibe and uplifting music, then dance and sing your way through the rooms.

In my kit, the resins are very high vibration and resonate on an angelic realm, so I always call in the angels to the four corners to bless my home. I would say if you are using the frankincense or myrrh essential oil then definitely go ahead and do that, at the very least pray again and ask for their protection of your space and family.

If you know Reiki, now is the time to invoke the sacred symbols on your walls throughout your home.

Space clear and chill.

When the steps are complete,  take advantage of the energy.  Meditate or just grab some tea, a good book or your journal and chill. Whatever you do, try to keep it laid back to maintain the flow of all the yummy energy. You will be happy just BEing in your amazing space.

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AUTHOR:  Kim Galliher is an OSYL Spiritual Diva, Intuitive Medium, Energy Healer and Maker of Magic. Her purpose is to empower you, by helping you see the choices available to you and by creating strong magical tools that are available for you to manifest your intentions with passion.

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