September Astrological Forecast: Know-how meets And-how!

Used well, the planetary alignments from September 1st to the 🌕Full Moon on the 13th are nothing short of miraculous.

A remarkably quieter month cosmically, September’s low key energy keeps us grounded. The fireworks of Leo’s August unfold graciously into focusing intently on the details at hand. Back to school and back to work means putting our heads down and training our eyes on the ball.

September is humble and relatively drama-free.

But please don’t mistake the softer spoken sign of ♍️Virgo for a pushover. While some are creating noise and hullabaloo for the sake of it, 🌎earthy Virgos are busy lining up their ducks in a row. They know the score in precise measures and track every single account with flawless accuracy. ♍️Virgo is nobody’s fool.

Yes, September is a notably calmer month due to the lack of celestial gear shifts and the inner planets now cycling through subtle ♍️Virgo.  Unlike last month when this same cluster (the ☉Sun/our identity, ♀︎Venus/love, ♂︎Mars/our energy and Mercury/communication) passed through Look-at-Me ♌︎Leo, these planets now align with heavyweights ♄Saturn, ♇Pluto and ♅Uranus in earthy ♑️Capricorn and ♉️Taurus.  

New Moon and the Grand Earth Trine

On the 🌑New Moon in ♍️Virgo on August 30th, we felt the choppy ebb turn into a flow. The seamless flow continues well into September with 7, yes seven out of ten planets forming a grand earth trine, offering harmonious collaboration to get work done. Even though ♃Jupiter and ♆Neptune still battle it out over truth versus illusion, the vast majority of planets focus our attention like a laser beam on the F-A-C-T-S.

Seven planets point to exact data, showing in crystal clear terms what must be dealt with right now. Get to work, get down to business or else, directs this energy. More importantly: we want to. 

We feel more than just motivation from cool, crisp fall air; this is powerful manifestation energy. ♄Saturn-♇Pluto sharpens our dreams into goals, cutting through our days like a knife, saying there is no more time to waste; while Radical ♅Uranus in ♉️Taurus says change and change now or risk all you have and worked for, 🌎Mother Earth included. The inner planets in ♍️Virgo corral figures, evidence, and raw material to support our points, plans, and prepare us individually and collectively for the future come what may.

Intuitively we understand what people and resources to gather, as well as the steps to take to accomplish our tasks. 

It is not an understatement to say that used well, the planetary alignments from September 1st to the 🌕Full Moon on the 13th are nothing short of miraculous.

Know-how meets And-how!

Remember, earth energies are not loud and brazen. They prefer being behind the scenes analyzing, calculating, producing, and yes, perhaps manipulating for good and the not so good.

Think: proficiency, effective systems, smooth operations, perfectionism.  

The catch, because there always is one, is the foursome of inner planets in pragmatic ♍️Virgo boxing with ♃Jupiter in ♐️Sagittarius and opposing ♆Neptune. They give tremendous dynamism to what otherwise might fall by the wayside. In other words, this challenge makes sure we use the energetic blessings of September and use them well.

The ♃Jupiter and ♆Neptune ♓️Pisces duel asks us how big can you dream? What will happen if you dare to go BIG? Live large, larger than life? Huge, Grander, GRANDEST?   

Behind the curtain, in the room down the hall, the fearsome foursome of inner planets in ♍️Virgo are concerned with the particulars, the what, how, and where. The ☉Sun, ♀︎Venus, ♂︎Mars, and ☿Mercury weigh options, estimate, prepare lists and details. ”So you want to go to the Moon?”  these planets ask. “Then you’ll need X, Y and Z, 7, 8 and 9, to get there…”+

The energetic combination of immense dreams, huge in scale, versus raw data reality is exactly the force that landed man on the Moon.

At the outset of September, ask yourself, if no dream is too big, where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Then follow up with, how will you get there? As the old joke goes, “how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.”  A very Virgo trait.

Those refusing to face reality now, preferring denial over actuality, September will be harsh. This is a climate ripe to burst bubbles. The magic only happens for those willing to play the hand dealt them. 

That magic wand of manifestation is reserved for those working in real-time and real numbers. All others are sidelined until they get a grip on their circumstances. If you believe in a mirage, you will have no water to drink, and the destination will always remain out of your reach. However, if you know for sure there is no surface water in the desert but are willing to dig a well to find some, you will indeed. 

In short, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. You will have support, resources, and succeed.

Full Moon on Friday the 13th!?!?

This energy culminates on the 🌕Full Moon, Friday, September 13th. Ominous?  Perhaps. Or an omen. Depends on how you play your hand, your choice(s). 

The ♓️Pisces 🌕Full Moon joins Dreamy ♆Neptune opposing the ☉Sun-♀︎Venus-♂︎Mars-☿Mercury squad in data-driven ♍️Virgo. 

Illusion (Pisces) is impossible to hide under the glare of this Full Moon. The man behind the curtain is unmasked, revealed for exactly who he is: a charlatan. With ♃Jupiter in ♐️Sagittarius smack dab in the middle of this configuration demanding the truth, do yourself a favor: do the right thing and speak the truth.

♃Jupiter has answers in mid-September to the riddles mounting all summer. The education planet, in its own sign of ♐️Sagittarius, holds the key to the door of liberation. 

On the other side is freedom.

Sure, you can stay locked up in disappointing disillusion; or you can take a chance (Jupiter) and expand, grow, explore what awaits you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Why not try? You have nothing to lose.

It’s All About Balance

The very next day, on September 14th, Messenger ☿Mercury and Valuable ♀︎Venus shift gear into ♎️Libra at an attention-getting degree. Our minds, communication, and relationships lean toward consideration of others, art, beauty, negotiation, balance.  The trick with Libra is making decisions: choices, choices, choices.  

♎️Libra sees all sides, the pros and cons, and wants everyone to be happy. Just remember to take care of yourself in this mix, to pencil yourself into your own life. Because if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. So help yourself even as you reach to help the disabled person next to you. 

When weighing options, ask: are you factored into the outcome or just looking out for everyone else?

If you wait too long, decisions might just be made for you. Especially as three days later, on the 17th, taskmaster ♄Saturn turns direct motion. In its own sign of ambitious ♑️Capricorn, ♄Saturn now opposes the lunar North Node in compassionate ♋︎Cancer. 

The reality of our situation faces us squarely, particularly on the home, family, and food front.

If you have neglected your own health and well-being, the pied piper is calling you now. Nurturing everyone else is wonderful, as long as you set limits and boundaries for your own best interests, says Saturn direct. If you can’t say no, the universe has other plans for you now. This is one curve best to stay ahead of.

The urge to strike a balance between the needs of you and me, us and them, increases when the ☉Sun joins ♀︎Venus and ☿Mercury in ♎️Libra on Monday, September 23rd just as the disease to please increases. ♄Saturn-♇Pluto challenges ♀︎Venus-☿Mercury by drawing lines in the sand, lines clearly marked: do not step across.

While ☉Sun-♀︎Venus-☿Mercury want to negotiate, figure out a way for everyone to get an equal share of the pie, the determining factor is, in fact, resources: how much pie, earth, water, air, money is there?

♂︎Mars in ♍️Virgo aligning with ♇Pluto has an exact tally of the numbers; knows the inventory backwards and forwards. Yes, the pie may be divided equally to satisfy the planets now in ♎️Libra; but those with large slices will need to share some of theirs. And as we know, that can go one of two ways: to serve the larger interests of the whole, humanity, or to stay small and fiercely guard our slice of pie.

The 🌑New Moon on Saturday, September 28th has four inner planets in ♎️Libra, ☉Sun, ☽Moon, ☿Mercury and ♀︎Venus, and finds us more than willing to share. 

Just remember to save an equal measure for yourself.  

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AUTHOR: Hilary Harley is an OSYL Astrologer & Reiki Master. She offers astrological counseling and Reiki energy healing to help clients reach their highest potential. By understanding the role that planetary cycles play in their lives, they are empowered to make better decisions resulting in more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

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