#OracleMonday - August 12, 2019

#OracleMonday, Divine Feminine Oracle, Meggan Watterson, Sekhmet, Diana, Thecla

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This week we are using the beautiful Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson (affiliate link). This deck is glorious and contains loads of historical information on each of these divine women along with their messages - quoted below..

CARD #1: SEKHMET - The Red Lady
"I am pure strength."

Sekhmet, the daughter of the sun god Ra, is an Egyptian warrior goddess considered the fiercest hunter in Egypt and a sign of protection.

We, as women, have for too long repressed our rage and anger - society has deemed it not ladylike, or too bitchy. However, holding it in makes it fester, create resentment… and worse, expresses itself in “subversive, manipulative ways.” We think we are expressing our anger and power being passive-aggressive, but that rarely gets us anywhere. By receiving this card, Sekhmet is not suggesting we go all postal and act out of rage, but we must recognize our anger, feel it and not fear expressing it in a positive way.

“Positive aggression, acting with love on behalf of what breaks our heart or enrages us, is what allows us to become agents of change to better our lives and the world around us.” READ THAT AGAIN…

Righteous indignation for the sake of expressing ourselves does not move anything forward. ACT with conviction from pure love… set healthy boundaries to protect yourself or '“free yourself from a destructive pattern.” Stand tall, stand in your truth, and stand in LOVE.

𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐃 #𝟐: DIANA - Queen of the Wilderness
”The language of the natural world is a frequency of love.”

Goddess Diana, daughter of Jupiter & Latona and twin to Apollo, god of the sun, was the protectress of the lower class. She “represents the call to embody a more primal connection to the wilderness that exists within.”

I could sit here and wax on prolific about your need for connection to nature, connection to your soul, but this cards message is simple and direct.

“Sometimes the answer is the simple, elemental need to just walk barefoot in the grass. Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s happening (or what isn’t happening) that we forget to just be. Answers sometime need to come from the basic desire of the body to feel grounded here on earth. The wilderness, and its wisdom, is within us; we are part of it. There’s so much more we can receive from the wordless life all around us. We just have to develop the heart that can hear it.” So get out there…

CARD #3: THECLA - The Prophetess of True Power
”I call my power back from all times and all places.”

Thecla’s story is amazing and I recommend you look her up. She was called to a life of teaching and healing in the Christ movement in current-day Turkey when, at the age of 17, she overheard Paul teaching about Christ. Let’s just say, it was NOT EASY.

The example of her life, everything she went through, tells us, “your life is up to you! Power is calling back all the control we give to others to dictate our lives - even our ego’s idea of who we should be. She reminds us we do not need permission to be who we are.” It is time to take your life into your own hands - you have the power, you have the heart and you have the soul. Dig into the divine will that is aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Which card did you choose? Did it resonate with you???