#OracleMonday March 5th, 2018 - Journey of Love Oracle

Happy MONDAY!!! My guides chose the Journey of Love cards this week's messages.

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Journey of Love Oracle by Alana Fairchild
  • Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. 
  • 🔮 Think of an area of your life where you would like guidance this week.

  • 🕊 Open your eyes and choose CARD #1, CARD #2 or CARD #3. Go with your gut... WHICH ONE ARE YOU DRAWN TO?






Which one did you choose - did it resonate with you?

Journey of Love Oracle Cards, Alana Farichild - hidden beauty, the bride offers herself, dance of the planets

Before you look at the descriptions, look a the image - what is it saying to you, revealing to you? What does it make you feel?

These cards in particular always carry hidden meaning and messages in the Rassouli's amazing artwork.  Look deeply and listen - what is it saying to you?

I see a flowing message through all 3 cards... they tell a story.  Look at your inner beauty and the hidden beauty in all your situations.  See that beauty and OWN IT, as a bride owns her stunning beauty on her wedding day. Accept the gifts of your life with gratitude. Do not forget to always dance in the light... the energy flowing from the cosmos, from your heart, from the divine. At times the music will be fast, at other times slow. Let the melody guide you as you flow gloriously down your path.

Card #1: Hidden Beauty

HIDDEN BEAUTY - Journey of Love Oracle Cards, Alana Fairchild

This card called for my Lemurian Crystal...

"This oracle brings you a suggestion from divine guidance. You may think you see the whole picture but if you look deeper you shall see something that brings you much joy, hope, and reassurance. There is a more beautiful perspective here, that affirms and nourishes you and all involved in the situations of your life that are puzzling you at present. Take heed and relax. All is as it is meant to be, and soon you too will be able to see.

Be patient and look more closely. Soften your heart and ask to be shown the beauty in the situation that is being shown to you."

Card #2: The Bride Offers Herself

The Bride Offers Herself - Journey of Love Oracle by Alana Fairchild

This card called for my rose quartz...

"This oracle offers you a message. Accept what is being offered now. Whether through challenge or an easing of the way forward, there is a gift of grace from the Divine Feminine reaching for you now. Allow her in and be blessed. This oracle also heralds a time of importance in relationship - you have been revealing yourself and not being afraid of who and what you are, sharing yourself in willingness to connect. Your vulnerability and beauty is acknowledged and will attract the response you need at the perfect time, and in the perfect way."

Card #3: Dance of the Planets

Dance of the Planets, Journey of Love Oracle by Alana Fairchild

This card called for my blue apatite...

"There are forces larger than your own personal destiny at work in your life now. All things in time, according to the wisdom of greater cycles. It is ok to trust in the cosmic cycles and divine timing. After all, what point is there to rush to the bus stop if the bus doesn't depart until tomorrow? and what point is there to hold back if you are ready and set to go? Trust in the timing and rhythm of your life now, especially if it seems out of your control. That is the Dance of the Planets happening through you.
     The oracle brings a message. Pray that the planetary forces funnel blessings of grace and unconditional love, mercy and joy to you now, that their movements through your life may happen in such a way that you can make the most of it! These are times when big shifts are possible, supported by cosmic movements, so pray for grace and then enjoy the ride."

Remember that Spirit always shows us the messages we were meant to hear; though sometimes we may not be ready for them.  My hope is that these resonated with you and if they did not, that you will accept the message with the faith of understanding in the future.

What did the cards say to you?

This Monday Oracle used the Journey of Love Oracle (affiliate link) by Alana Fairchild. There are always messages hidden in Rassouli's stunning artwork.

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