#OracleMonday January 29,2018 - Wisdom of the Oracle Deck

Happy last MONDAY in January!!! How is everyone feeling this morning? Are we all ready for the Super Blue Blood Moon on Wednesday?  Lots of energy and a great way to flow into February.

Oracle Monday Cards - 1/29/18 - Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, Colette Baron-Reid 
  • Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. 

  • 🔮 Think of an area of your life where you would like guidance this week.

  • 🕊 Open your eyes and choose CARD #1, CARD #2 or CARD #3. Go with your gut... WHICH ONE ARE YOU DRAWN TO?



Have you seen the OSYL February 2018 Astrological Forecast?



Cards REVEALED!! Which one did you choose - did it resonate with you?

Oracle Monday 1/29/18 REVEALED - Go the Distance, Building Blocks, Orphaned

Before you look at the descriptions, look a the image - what is it saying to you, revealing to you? What does it make you feel?

There seems to be an underlying theme this week through all 3 cards - BE TRUE TO YOURSELF, YOUR CORE TRUTHS & VALUES. They are your foundations and everything you need is within you, along with the strength and power to move forward. 😇

Go the Distance - Wisdom of the Oracle, Colette Baron-Reid

CARD #1:  GO THE DISTANCE - Endurance; strength; the long haul.

“To bring your dream to life, you must think long-term and pay no attention to the fluctuations in the current of your experience. Joy and disappointment commingle with opportunities, so there is no need to fear the occasional obstacle. Life is not a sprint. This card is a reminder that you have endurance, strength, and fortitude to carry you all the way. Remain true to yourself. Your authenticity alone will keep you in alignment with the energy of miracles. What is yours will never be withheld from you. Remember that.”

Building Blocks - Wisdom of the Oracle, Colette Baron-Reid

CARD #2: BUILDING BLOCKS - Strong foundations; a beautiful work in progress.

“You have everything you need to cultivate an extraordinary life. This is a the when your focus needs to be on the foundations you build upon. Your work, your relationships, and your very being are underwritten by your values, ethics, morals, and core beliefs. Are they still true for you? Will they stand the test of time and serve as the solid grounding upon which you construct your life? Now you are making changes that will affect everything in a positive way. Your destiny is truly a remarkable and beautiful design.”

Orphaned - Wisdom of the Oracle, Colette Baron-Reid

CARD #3: ORPHANED - A sense of loss; an identity crisis; recognizing that you don’t fit in; the need to belong; uncertainty about your place.

“We were all meant to have connections with other people - within our families, society, and the larger culture. No man is an island, and it’s important to recognize when being “a part of” rather than “separate from” is essential to your well-being. The issue at hand is the need to find where you fit. Be true to your core truths and values. Perhaps you no longer identify with a group or community the way you did before and need to find a new situation. You might be feeling a deep sense of loss or confusion. Address the need for belonging, and know that you will find your place with others of like mind and spirit. It’s okay to let go of pressure to fit in. Not everyone will understand you. It’s time to move on.”

Remember that Spirit always shows us the messages we were meant to hear; though sometimes we may not be ready for them.  My hope is that these resonated with you and if they did not, that you will accept the message with the faith of understanding in the future.

What did the cards say to you?

This Monday Oracle used the Wisdom of the Oracle Deck (affiliate link) by Colette Baron-Reid.  Isn't is gorgeous!?!?

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