Reset your day with the OK Breathing Technique

Are you feeling a little cray, cray? Do you need to hit the reset button, but don't have time? It’s OK. All you need is five fingers and five minutes.

Just like our smartphones and computers, we too, need to hit the reset button. Often we make this much more complicated than it needs to be. What we see as complicated, steers us away from what we truly need. And in the end, we find ourselves continuing down our path, feeling, and acting much like a computer with a virus.

OK Breathing Technique, mudra

It’s OK.

All you need is five fingers and five minutes.

Practice the OK Breathing Technique I demonstrate below, to ground yourself and clear the mind. It only takes five minutes to begin promoting mental, physical, and spiritual balance.

Did you know the Ok Sign is the most powerful of all Mudras? The OK Sign, also known as the Jnana Mudra improves mental health, clears the mind, improves your memory and concentration.  

It can give you comfort and relief when you are

  • sleepless
  • need peace
  • feeling low
  • need insight
  • anxious
  • need calm
  • at a crossroads
  • need direction

You got this. Commit to practicing the OK Breathing Technique, five minutes, each day. Wonder will soon follow. You’ll see.

AUTHOR: Heather Tharpe is an OSYL Intuitive Life Guide and Energetic Healer. Through her Intuitive and Spiritual Alignment services as a Medium, Clarivoyant, Reiki practitioner and yogi, she offers you just what you need to know to move forward, heal, accept what is, and most importantly, to experience more joy.  

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