October Astrological Forecast: Put your cards on the table!

Put all your cards on the table and let the chips fall where they may.

Libra Season

Libra Libra Libra… the beginning of fall heralds in the ♎️Libra season.

balance, Libra, heart and mind

♎️Libra is known for peace, negotiation, art, and beauty. It strives for balance, equality, and reconciliation between differences. But this sign of order is lesser-known for ruling open adversaries. ♎️Libra represents opposing views and those who hold them. Hmmmmm….

Open adversaries.

Think about that. No one is hiding, plotting or planning to undermine you. Instead, they are out in plain sight, sitting next to you, telling you quite plainly that you are wrong and why.

All is fair in love and war. This month we feel all may be so very unfair. How do we reconcile inequality?

♎️Libra’s effort toward justice, however, may bend over backward for concern with the other (your co-worker, partner, relatives, children). So be aware of completely forgetting yourself. While focused intently on making the fairest decision for everyone, the right and best choice, watch that you do not hesitate too long. Then, another quicker, more decisive person may swoop in and suddenly, you no longer have any choice.

Pay attention

Planetary gear shifts crank into place from the outset of the month. On Tuesday, October 3rd, Messenger☿Mercury rolls into ♏Scorpio while Transformer ♇Pluto, ruler of ♏Scorpio, turns direct motion. Hello!  

Our minds, thoughts, and words now take a deeper look, pause to examine every single fact, observing each carefully. We pay critical attention to ALL of our senses, not just what we see and hear; but also our emotions, intuition, gut instincts feeding us vital details. 

Directly opposite ♅Uranus, the Great Awakener, Messenger☿Mercury points out what we may have missed earlier. If you are searching for answers and solutions now in any area of your life: finances, work, relationships, Psychic ♏Scorpio delivers.

Are you toeing the line?

These first ten days hold a particularly sweet spot for artists and scientists, researchers in any field. Eureka? Yes, EUREKA! Meanwhile, ♇Pluto’s direct shift in practical ♑️Capricorn moves the Real Deal wheels and gears forward. 

The God of the Underworld in structured ♑️Capricorn asks: are you toeing the line?  Doing the work, living honestly and with integrity? Neither ♇Pluto nor ♑️Capricorn are warm and fuzzy. Both deal in cold, stark terms: the black and white, no-nonsense and yes, unforgiving. If you do not make the effort, don’t expect to be rewarded, much less achieve your goal. ♇Pluto is now moving into the final third of ♑️Capricorn where its emphasis is felt even greater.

♑️Capricorn is an 🌎earth sign. The youth movement to save the planet wants to know, “Will we even have an Earth on which to live in the future?” Their plain battle cry begs our attention. ♇Pluto direct motion in ♑️Capricorn churns up our most basic survival needs.

Act Now

♑️Capricorn is an action sign. DO. We now act on what we have mused about for the past few months. Where we have dragged our feet, or worse, refused to budge, ♇Pluto pushes the inevitable upon us. And it often isn’t pretty.

The immediacy we feel to act increases as ♂︎Mars shifts into ♎️Libra the very next day on October 4th. Talk about opposites! Motivating ♂︎Mars rules Action ♈Aries, God of War. Here now in the sign of peace, equality, and balance. How is that going to work, you ask?  Or not work…

Remember, ♎️Libra rules decisions and open enemies. ♂︎Mars is our drive. Ideally, this combination would drive us toward peace in our relationships or between nations. Guess what? With ♂︎Mars in ♎️Libra, this is more often not the case.

♂︎Mars agitates, annoys, aggravates. He is THE disruptor. His agenda is to incite, wants us to get going. Enough of ♎️Libra’s quest for calm and order. And so, when tipping the Libran scale of decision-making, ♂︎Mars votes for conflict and war.

Don’t just sit there: do something. 

October will not go gently into that good night. Oh no. On a macro level, the world stage is set for strife. Think Iran vs. Saudi Arabia with the United States’ interests in- the background.

And what about your personal world?
Where are you negotiating? For fairness, for an equal share or equal rights?

Make the difficult choices

Several days later, Vibrant ♀︎Venus moves into Psychological ♏Scorpio joining Mercury, both opposing ♅Uranus in ♉️Taurus. Expect ah-ha’s, surprises and shifts in the arena of resources which both ♏Scorpio and ♉️Taurus rule. 

We are taking a hard look at ours: what we have and what we do not have. 

Change agent ♅Uranus says it’s time to earn money through alternative applications of our skills or develop new talents to increase income and revenue. Opposite ☿Mercury-♀︎Venus, it also has us consider dipping into a joint savings account, asking a relative for money or taking out a bank loan.

♏Scorpio deals in secrecy, so just remember if you “inadvertently” don’t share information or live by omission, it will be revealed later on. Hiding behind the on-going ♃Jupiter-♆Neptune smoke and mirrors effect only digs us deeper into an unnecessary ditch.

While the ☉Sun and ♂︎Mars sit on ♎️Libra’s fence, deciding which way to go, remember it always serves you well to choose truth. You benefit in the long run to be honest with yourself and others even if there is short term pain. So tell it like it is.

Have the hard conversation. Make the difficult choice. Inner peace is invaluable.

The Full Moon Means Business

Under the glare of the 🌕Full Moon, on Sunday, October 13th, we won’t be able to hide anyway. In fierce and fiery ♈Aries, the 🌕Full Moon opposes the ☉Sun in ♎️Libra. Talk about a trigger point, or trigger happy. Wow.

This 🌕Full Moon is combustible. ♇Pluto swings exactly at the midpoint between ☉Sun and ☽Moon. The ☉Sun, our will, seeks harmony, asks what happened to the days of compromise where each party gave a little for the greater good? This 🌕Full Moon could care less. It rules our impatient emotions spoiling for a fight. In the middle, Transformational ♇Pluto in calculating ♑️Capricorn asks, what do I get out of peace OR conflict? It says everyone loses when you settle for peace at any price, so better go big or go home. 

This Full Moon means business.  

Go with the flow… follow your vibe

Where you face decisions in your life, remember: there are no wrong choices, only learning. Yes, sometimes the hard way. The good news is that this same stretch at mid month offers plenty of flow: ☿Mercury-♀︎Venus align with ♆Neptune and the North Node, our directional calling. The troika calls our soul, invites us to surrender and flow, to follow our purpose and path. When we flow with our personal truth, we always win. Even if it takes a while to realize it.

The following week, the ☉Sun shifts into ♏Scorpio on October 23rd, joining ☿Mercury-♀︎Venus

Our will matches our words and resources. 

The wisest way to harness this energy is through right use of power, shared resources, and joint finances for the benefit of all. We are drawn toward deep dives, prolonged/investigative research, mystery, and looking under the hood in all aspects of life. We search for answers not readily obvious as Messenger ☿Mercury is slowing down now preparing to turn retrograde on 🎃Halloween, October 31st.  

Make like a detective, asking thoughtful questions, use keen observation skills to penetrate beneath the surface of matters. Three interior planets in ♏Scorpio heightens our intuition, gives us X-Ray vision.

We know what’s up. Follow your vibe. It is correct!

Put your cards on the table

Use the time from October 23-31st, the final week of October, wisely and well. Do not be afraid to ask the hard questions that may ruffle feathers, or to stand up for yourself and what you know is right - especially around the ♏Scorpio 🌑New Moon on October 28th. ALL will be the better for it when the truth is revealed to be dealt with in the open. No more hiding in the shadows, duck and covering.

Put all of your cards out on the table now. Then let the chips fall where they may.

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AUTHOR: Hilary Harley is an OSYL Astrologer & Reiki Master. She offers astrological counseling and Reiki energy healing to help clients reach their highest potential. By understanding the role that planetary cycles play in their lives, they are empowered to make better decisions resulting in more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

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