The New Moon

Yes, it is true: every day we are given another chance, fresh opportunities to begin anew.  

What some may not realize, however, is that each month, every 28 days we are also given a fresh cycle to begin anew. Twelve, sometimes 13 times a year, a New Moon occurs. These initiate larger cycles within the context of our lives.

Each New Moon is a chance to begin again.  

Because it occurs only once a month, the New Moon carries greater significance and emphasis, weight. Anything you initiate on or just days after the New Moon will grow and flourish given that you regularly attend to it... think of watering and weeding a plant.

The New Moon is virtually a brand new seed we are given each month. What we do with that precious seed is up to us.  

Relationships, projects, business endeavors begun on the New Moon are embedded with extra emphasis. Think of the effort it takes for the first leaves to sprout from the ground after winter. This is the same exact energy a New Moon holds: pushing up and out with all of our strength to make something happen.

On the next New Moon, ask: what is that you want to make happen?

We may not know exactly where we are going with our plans begun on the New Moon. After all, New Moons begin in utter darkness.

Think about that.  

Creation occurs in our hearts, inside of us.

Our soul desires then extend to our minds forming ideas and dreams. Initially, they are known only to us. Once we are committed heart, mind, and soul, our ideas take root and action. Like the seed, we only know we need to push our ideas upward, toward the light, in order to grow. To accomplish this takes a great deal of inspiration, innocence, and enthusiasm. People born under a New Moon naturally carry these qualities in their personalities.

Our enthusiasm for what is initiated on the New Moon is magnetic.  

Think about a truly soulful relationship you have with either friend, business or romantic partner. Do you remember the first days and months of that relationship? The excitement, the possibilities, the pure headiness getting to know one another and the potential of what might be?

This is New Moon energy.  Pure and simple.

New Moon relationships, ventures, and projects carry a selfishness. This is not wrong. It is exactly right! Remember that a vast amount of effort is required to push out of the darkness, up, up, up into the light to grow. That effort takes a whole lot of focus and concentration.  

And that is OK!  

In order to create from scratch, it is sometimes essential to bring all of our being behind one thing. Any woman who has given birth knows when it is time to push, she is not also working on the computer and cooking dinner. All of her is centered on giving life.

Innocence goes hand-in-glove with the New Moon.

Why? Because at the time of the New Moon what we don’t know won’t hurt us. If we knew, if we sat back and calculated the pros and con, did a careful cost-benefit analysis, we might not proceed.  

“Leap, and the net will appear” are the watchwords of a New Moon.

Yes it is true, for many of us, before we get to the launch pad, we will perform all manner of mental and emotional hi-jinks. Still, at some point, we have to dive right in. Jump. We don’t think (or try not to) what is the worst that can happen.  

To best nurture your dreams, hopes and desires, on the next New Moon, handwrite 3-5 goals, wishes or prayers on a piece of paper. Either plant the goals in the earth or cast them in a moving body of water.  

Then stand back and watch them grow!

[image credit: NASA]

AUTHOR: Hilary Harley is an OSYL Astrologer & Reiki Master. She offers astrological counseling and Reiki energy healing to help clients reach their highest potential. By understanding the role that planetary cycles play in their lives, they are empowered to make better decisions resulting in more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

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