Monthly Outlook - February 2018 Plant Ally Healing Card Reading

The February 2018 Monthly Outlook is using the Plant Ally Healing Cards by Lisa McLoughlin.  They are so beautiful I can almost feel SPRING in the air, regardless of what that ole' groundhog had to say.

For the monthly spread I like to look at your GIFTS, your CHALLENGES and your FOCUS for the month.

Watch the video as I reveal the cards and meanings, then scroll below for a basic summary.




Challenge - INNER BEAUTY



YOUR GIFT: Boldness

This card is all about taking on new endeavors, job opportunities and moving ideas into actions with gusto. There is tremendous energy that says you can move mountains.


Your gift this month is a very masculine dominant energy and your challenge is to bring in the feminine aspect as well. This is especially important if the plans you have created in your mind don’t go quite as planned. You really need to take a good look inside and step into that yin energy of going with the flow.


This card is telling you to bring it all together for great strength. To fully step into your power you need both aspects - masculine and feminine - to balance the energy; the yin and the yang. Stand tall in that balanced power and know that balance is the key to happiness.

HOW DOES THIS ALIGN WITH WHAT YOU ARE PLANNING FOR THE MONTH?  Does this resonate with you?  Let us know in the comments!

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Kim Galliher

AUTHOR:  Kim Galliher is an OSYL Spiritual Diva, Intuitive Medium, Energy Healer and Maker of Magic. Her purpose is to empower you, by helping you see the choices available to you and by creating strong magical tools that are available for you to manifest your intentions with passion.

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