Life is Just a Mirror

Daily within our lives, events, people, experiences are mirroring back to us important lessons, guidance, glimpses into the direction we are meant to go in. Many times we look outside ourselves for the answers when everything is within us. We just need to get quiet enough, pay attention enough, to the signs and the whispers that are being shared.

Each year, no matter what is planned, I take off the week before Christmas through New Years Day. Each year, I pre-sell my coaching and service programs in September/October in order to set up and fill the new year. The ability to take this time off, knowing that my whole year is set and ready, is very freeing.

Of course, I always leave room for creative projects, to satisfy the impromptu teachings that I love to give. But for financial obligation and fulfillment of clients ongoing transformational commitment, my success foundation is set, allowing room to grow and evolve without worrying about from where my next client is coming.

Working this way allows me to just show up and serve.

With the EXCEPTION of this year.

I knew 2018, was going to be different; I just didn't know how. I still don't know all that it entails exactly, but I DO know it's going to be a life changer, not just for me, but for many.

Perhaps I do know a bit more than I've fully allowed myself to connect with yet. I see glimpses. I experience glimpses. I hear glimpses.

We all do. If we just pay attention.

We are all shown these glimpses into the pressing questions we have regarding our future. We just need to pay attention to what is being shown, what our lives are mirroring back to us.

Our answers are being given to us daily, minute by minute.

I'm being guided daily to show up a certain way, even if that way is experiencing stillness and quiet.

I was into the 2nd week of January and already my old voice was beginning to creep in and hound me that I must do, I must push ahead. Feeling a bit insecure about how I will make my income this year (something I haven't felt for some time now) and how I am meant to ultimately show up and serve my clients. Insecurity and worry about money is not the best way for an Empowerment Business Coach to show up for her clients. Already feeling a bit "behind," yet I'm not exactly sure what being "ahead" even means at this very moment.

What I'm well aware of, is this… I must overcome, move thru and forgive any past experiences and ways of being that no longer serve me now, in order to move forward and serve at a deeper, more connected level, which is where my soul is being called to serve from.

Have you felt doubt before? Have you allowed insecurities to take over?

If you allow fear, doubt, and insecurity to lead, you will step into a direction of force, hard work, nothing will work with you vs. showing up, aligning and flowing with what comes next in life.

Through complete surrender, by allowing myself to be led and shown the way, somehow I don't feel completely lost, and nothing is being forced. Why? Because I know I'm being guided daily and it's in total alignment with my soul's growth.

I can't deny the fact that I DO, however, feel a bit out of my comfort zone because I don't have "it all together." In the beginning, stepping outside your comfort zone isn't always pretty and doesn't always feel good. This is your soul stretching, and I promise you, this is a good thing. The un-comfort, in the beginning, is just temporary. I guess that's why it's called "getting out of your comfort zone" because YES, at this very moment, it's like putting on a pair of leather skinny jeans and it's a bit hard to breathe. (I guess my other New Year's resolution eating just veggies and fish will help this scenario as well!)

Does this mean action isn't being taken? No. But it does mean that every action I do take is in alignment with the guidance that I am receiving on a daily basis. I am paying attention to the little nuances that are showing up in my life, the thoughts that I have moment to moment, and how that affects what I am doing, right now, in the present.

Recently, I had a "not so nice thought," and I ended up sprawled out on the floor. No joke. I had gotten out of my chair, and I swear that I had not tripped, but with full force, ended up flat out on the floor. This was right before a client call too. Ouch! At that very moment, I asked myself what I was thinking about before I forcefully went flying towards the ground. I reflected on this, and got the message loud and clear, the way I was thinking prior to falling, had to change in order for me to grow.

Being aware is the absolute first thing that must occur to create some type of change or trigger healing that you may need to move thru in order to move on. Taking purposeful, aligned actions is what will help push you towards the next steps and begin a forward momentum from that point on. Hopefully, you don't need to end up flat out on the floor like I did to get your awareness, but for us stubborn types, sometimes that is what it takes.

I realized at that very moment, lying flat on the floor, that for the past six months I had been moving intensely thru and completing massive amounts of incomplete lessons, cleaning up of the old beliefs and past ways of doing things that no longer served me. A karmic detox, a mindset, and soul cleansing if you will. I don't believe people usually get these thrown at them so quickly in such a short amount of time, or so many at one time, but for whatever reason spirit wanted me to get all of this old "gunk" out of the way.  

So why am I sharing all of my vulnerabilities with you?  How will this help you?

No, it's not to tell you to give up all financial and business responsibility to spirit. I promise you this! And, no, it's not to share with you that I am a little bit klutzy and had an epiphany when I fell and hit the floor.

So, what is the bigger lesson in all of this?

Life is a joint venture between you and spirit. You both need to do your part. Go it alone, and you will feel imbalance. Give it all up to spirit with no aligned action on your part, life will be a challenge, out of sync. Take the steps together, and you will feel guided, even during times that you feel way out of your comfort zone.

Whatever we go thru in life, we may have a few bumps and obstacles that pop in life, but if we take responsibility for our own state and everything that happens to us, the good and bad, what comes from this is a beautiful awareness. The true gifts in life.

It may be difficult to see at the time, but I honestly believe once you begin getting curious about every person, every occurrence, every encounter, each event and really connect with what is being relayed and reflected back to you, you will begin to wake up. What is trying to be shown to you, when you connect to this awareness, is the time you really begin to embrace your life in a whole new way. Even a brief encounter with someone in the grocery store line could bring on the change, the transformation your soul seeks.

This reflection, this mirroring back of your life, is your personal makeup, the uniqueness that ultimately leads each of us to the next step on our absolute perfectly imperfect, purposeful path.

Yes, this is true.

Whether you think you know your purpose yet or not, you are on your purposeful path right at this very moment, and it's absolutely perfect for you.

Take a moment to journal and reflect on anything that is popping up over and over again in your life that you may need to pay attention to. Include current events and people that have come into your life. Take a look at everything, challenges, and the goodness. Even simple, little arguments that keep recurring with your spouse is mirroring back to you something you need to learn about yourself.

List everything out in your journal.

Go down each item on this list and ask spirit what is trying to be shown to you:

   1.) A need for forgiveness

   2.) An outdated belief or way of being that no longer serves you

   3.) Other whatever first comes up for you, don't second guess your answer. Just write down the first thing that comes to you.

Then, ask what the personal gain in learning this information is? How can you use this information to better yourself to serve others in a more compassionate, loving way by having more compassion and love for yourself?

If you are still trying to sort out your place in this world, your bigger vision for yourself in your business and/or in life, connect with me personally to do a Be You & Thrive Visionary Session. I will intuitively guide you thru pulling back the layers, uncovering what your soul has known all along, that deeper longing to step fully into and experience, what you ultimately came here to do.


AUTHOR: Debra Larson is an OSYL Divine Leader of Transformation & Self-Empowerment. She has the intuitive inability to quickly pull back the layers, uncovering her clients bigger vision - entrepreneurial or life purpose mission, that they are ultimately here on this earth to share. All while guiding you to step into service, success, and magnetic abundance much more quickly.

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