How to Set Sacred Intentions

Turning your desires into soul-filled Sacred intentions and allowing the Universe take it from there...

Before I came to understand that I am the co-creator of my life experiences, I experienced despair, fear or discontentment. I still recall the woeful requests I sent during those moments to God, the Universe, the Divine, or to some magical power beyond my reach…praying for change. I believed that I needed “someone” to help me; to swoop in, and change the conditions I was experiencing in my life; financial woes, relationship strife, weight and health struggles, childhood dilemmas, illness, etc. It didn’t matter. I would pray, and sometimes beg, for the condition to be “removed, fixed, or magically repaired.” Often it appeared that those petitions went unanswered.

But here’s the thing,

  • I didn’t understand that I was misinformed.

  • I didn’t know about manifestation or the power of co-creation with the Universe.

  • I didn’t understand the power of my own energy, and that I was actually contributing to the negative cycles I found myself in.

  • I didn’t realize how my attachment to outcomes and repeated pleas for specific remedies to my woes was actually prolonging my troubles.

After deep reflection and thoughtful analysis, I know with certainty that my prayers were heard. Nevertheless, I was so perplexed that many answers to my desires seemed to elude me.

Why? What was I doing wrong?

As the Universe would have it, I was led to find answers to my questions. I had an awakening of sorts, a realization. I came to understand that, although my heartfelt intentions for relief from suffering were real, I was unknowingly adding to my problems instead of helping alleviate them. I was missing key knowledge that would ultimately set me free from sorrow and on a path of joy. I learned about what I like to call the power of setting Sacred Intentions.

Creating Sacred Intentions consists of three simple, yet life-changing, steps that I now use to aid me as I navigate my life. I use the Sacred Intention Process to help me receive that which is for my “Highest Good,” and to also help remind me just how “good” I already have it.

I’m sharing this process, to not only help you, but to remind myself, again and again, of the co-creative role I play in my own life, and ultimately in the amount of joy I allow myself to experience. After all, living consciously is a daily practice for me, and in order to keep moving forward, I must stay vigilant and aware of my own personal progress.

The Sacred Intention Process

Step one: Request and Allow

Once I've made a sincere request to the Universe, the next best step for me is to allow; to know in my heart that my Spirit Team has heard my request for help, and to simply allow for a solution to show up, whatever it may look like.

Why is this so hard to do? Why is just allowing so taboo? What I see is that we often fool ourselves into believing we can influence or control things, such as timing or someone else's actions or behaviors. When those feelings come up for me, of wanting to control anything outside of my own behaviors or actions, I have to pause. I then ask myself, who am I to know what another person’s Soul is here to learn and experience? Who am I to think that timing isn’t perfect, exactly as it is?  Who am I to know exactly what will serve me for my Highest Good?

Acknowledging that your petition has been heard and allowing whatever happens next is crucial, if not for any other reason other than your own peace and serenity. Allowing is the key to co-creating the life you want to experience.

Step Two: Express Gratitude

When praying for change or a miracle, I have come to understand that I can control only one thing, and that is my state of grace while I wait. My state of grace deeply impacts the circumstances I am attracting into my life. My state of grace impacts my experience of peace versus suffering; will I fall into the cycle of negativity or will I rise above the suffering?

Oftentimes this dilemma is something that presents itself without notice. If I am aware and catch myself when I start to spiral, I try to slow down and return to a state of grace. I take a minute or two and ask, “Am I fearful, frenzied, doubting, hurt, remorseful, resentful, angry, or prideful right now, or, am I practicing gratitude for everything in my life, and remembering that all is well in my world?”

Returning to a state of grace is ALWAYS my best solution. Being grateful, even for the smallest of things, will begin to move us out of sorrow and sadness and into a state of peace, joy, and love.

No matter how dire the situation or how much fear or despair you're experiencing, I recommend that you take a piece of paper, heck, even a napkin if that's all that is available and start creating a list of everything that IS okay. As you begin writing, you won’t be able to help but start to feel better, you will gently begin to rise back to a state of grace.

gratitude list
  1. I am breathing.

  2. I am healthy.

  3. My children are breathing and healthy.

  4. I have food to eat, and a bed to rest in every night.

  5. I have friends and family who love me in their own way. I have people whom I can reach out to when I need them.

  6. I have access to technology that allows me to stay connected to others.

  7. I have a means of transportation - a car, bus, or even my two legs, to get me where I need to go

  8. I live in a Democratic Society where I am free in so many ways.

  9. I have access to resources in my community that help keep me safe - police, fire, ambulance, hospitals, etc...

  10. I have the moment to moment capacity to choose love over fear.

As you write your list, take note of how your energy starts to shift and watch as the negative chatter in your mind starts to diminish. What you are experiencing is what I call a miracle; a shift in your perspective, movement in your energy which allows for new possibilities and new solutions to enter your life - ones that you may not have previously considered.

Step Three: Reframe and Surrender

When we reframe our desires and wants, into soul-filled intention statements, we set the stage to experience what we DO WANT in our life, instead of what we believe we are lacking.

Reframing your intentions can take you from a state of desire and wanting, into an energy of peaceful expectation. The peaceful expectations can then be cemented into place with the addition of an appropriate action statement.

When we set soul-filled intentions and follow up with positive actions, we literally set the scene for positive results to enter our life, possibly in ways we never imagined. Step three of the Sacred Intentions Process really urges us to co-create the world we want to experience.

So how do we reframe our desires and state the positive actions we will take?

The first thing you’ll need to do is list the things you think you DO NOT HAVE, but you WANT and or THINK YOU NEED.

Next, change your statement of lack into a positive, soul-filled intention, that you want to experience.

Then, decide which positive actions you will take that will demonstrate a willingness to receive, allow and surrender all ideas of limitation or lack.


LACK STATEMENT: I don’t have enough money...

REFRAME YOUR INTENTION: I always have the money I need, and am willing to accept more!

SACRED ACTION STATEMENT: I am willing to allow the financial abundance that is all around me to flow to me. I release all fear of lack or false limiting beliefs and patterns I have subscribed to. I am willing to release any fear I have around money and to reprogram my thoughts and energy as it relates to the amount of financial wealth I am meant to receive. I am also willing to accept that I may need help seeing how I am blocking myself, so I am open to new ideas, new people and teachers to guide me to the answers I seek.

I know how hard it can be to move away from low vibrating emotions associated with lack. In fact, I’m as human as the next person, and I regularly need to revisit my Sacred Intentions and Action list. Revisiting these remind me to pivot, to get back into gratitude for all that I do have. I am reminded that all is good. When I shift in this way, I then create the conditions for miracles to happen.

I've created a Sacred Intentions template that I'd like to share with you. Use this template as a guide to help you begin the process of co-creating the experience of abundance you want to experience in your life; abundance in health, relationships, finances and more. The Sacred Intention Process will help you to reframe your prayers and desires into hope-filled Sacred Intentions and pointed actions, which are what you need to co-create your future. Let your actions help set the scene for you to receive all that is in your heart and for your highest good.

Please download the Sacred Intentions template today, and start shifting your experiences now...

Miracles are possible!

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