Flowering the Heart Activation

The heart center is what anchors us in our human-ness.

We are beautiful beings singing unique Divine songs that balance us at the heart center.

From an awakened space, we can connect and receive with ease and grace. With consciousness, we are not attached, but witnessing the other and ourselves in total bliss, always.

Today my goal is to help you reside in a greater awakening of your consciousness and connection to the All that Is, as we flower your heart.

Flowering the heart activation, heart-centered awareness

Dear beings of radiant light,

I welcome you today to experience a heart opening like no other.

I am encoding in this message the seed of a beautiful unfolding for the benefit of your greater awakening.

I ask you now to open up your heart and feel into what is inside. See the golden doors open and give yourself permission to sense what is there for you. Develop an awareness of all that is swirling, hiding, and radiating in there.

Take a few deep breaths, filling and releasing fully, as you tune into and surrender to the resonance of your heart and your being.

Allow this transmission to take place now, and welcome this energy of healing, consciousness, and bliss to awaken and flower your heart center. See the totality of your being level up, at the cellular level, to the space the encapsulates the experience of your true light’s radiance.

Be with what comes up and set the intention that this will continue to unfold for you and all others on the planet.

Keep breathing.

Know it, feel it, be it, radiate it.

In love and light.

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HariManit Love

AUTHOR: HariManit Love is an OSYL Multidimensional Healer, Divine Teacher, & Cosmic Oracle. She is a Channel of Grace, Kundalini Gong Yogi, and Essential Oils Vibrational Healing Practitioner. Using all of her unique gifts, she helps sort through the chaos to help you find clarity by shining light into the darkness.

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