You Gotta Give to Get

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I was nine years old, it was Christmas Eve when I heard a knock at the door. When my family and I opened the door, we found a large bag filled with wrapped gifts and a box with all the fixings needed for a Christmas dinner.

This moment changed my life.

Being the oldest of six children, I was acutely aware of how poor we were at that time. I overheard my parents quarrel over not having the means to give us the "hallmark" Christmas they desired.

That night I knew someone else had heard them too... was it God or did the people in our community see the secret my parents tried so hard to hide.

Either way, this random act of kindness left an imprint upon my heart.

Paying it forward…

Earlier this year, I found out a dear friend was having a difficult time putting food on the table for him and his three children. I knew I needed to help, as those had done for myself and my family all those years before.

I quickly sent a gift card to Market Basket in the mail. I then prepared a care package with a homemade meal and all the extras goodies that would feed them for at least two to three nights.

I did this without any expectations.

I did this because, when you care for someone, you rise to be where they are... you step into the same mucky arena they are stuck in to say, I understand, and I'm here for you.

Robert Ingersoll wrote, “We rise by lifting others.”

You got to give to get. It’s the little and not so little things we do for those we love, that leave an imprint and perhaps change the course of our lives and those around us.

We are all in this together. Remember, it’s not the thought that counts, do it.

AUTHOR: Heather Tharpe is an OSYL Intuitive Life Guide and Energetic Healer. Through her Intuitive and Spiritual Alignment services as a Medium, Clarivoyant, Reiki practitioner and yogi, she offers you just what you need to know to move forward, heal, accept what is, and most importantly, to experience more joy.  

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