Full Moon Invocation & Visualization

Full moons, new moons, blue moons, blood moons, wolf moon, worm moon, snow moon, pink moon, harvest moons, flower moon, haunted moons, moon river... oh my!

What do we need to do and when to get the most benefit of their powerful energies?

full moon ritual
  • Do you release things or set intentions?

  • Do you have to write them down, chant them, burn them, bury them, or float them away in a bottle?

  • Do you have to dance naked under the full moon... in bare feet... while chanting... playing drums and using singing bowls?

  • Do you have to meditate, set up crystal grids and drink elixirs?

You can google your way into oblivion.

Many different cultures and spiritual modalities have ceremonies, superstitions, rituals, and procedures to follow. So which ones work; which ones should you do?

Spiritually speaking… do them all, do some or do none!

Do what works for YOU, do what resonates with YOU, do what feels good to YOU.  

Spirit, Divine Source, God, Goddess Moon or whatever ENERGIES you are calling to, do not care WHEN WHAT or HOW you do it.

It only matters that you do it honestly, with integrity and intention - while truly listening to your HEART and your SOUL.

It does not matter whether you are able to be under the night sky basking in the moon’s rays or not - the energy is still there for us all to tap into.

Let Go & Set New Intentions

Full moons, regardless of what type it is or what culture or modality you want to follow, are always a great time to RELEASE what is no longer serving you.  LET IT GO!

Once you do, you make room for what you do want in your life. So be honest with yourself and crystal clear on what you want. You must FEEL what it will be like when you have it.

Take some time to contemplate and create your lists of what to let go and what to manifest.

Full Moon Invocation

Then you can use this beautiful image to walk through this guided visualization / meditation. It is a full moon invocation, to call upon the energy of the moon to transmute and release the old while adding oomph to your own manifestation powers.

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Full Moon Invocation

Find a comfortable position - you can sit, lie down, stand on your head - anything so that you are relaxed and not thinking about staying in a certain pose.

Take a few deep breaths looking into the image... can you feel the energy?

Now close your eyes.

Take a few more deep breaths and imagine yourself at the beginning of the pier.  You look & feel amazing. You are smiling and swaying to your inner playlist - FEEL your beauty, your passion, your wisdom, your LIGHT!  BASK IN IT… OWN IT!

Flower Petals

You are standing with a basket of flower petals.  Each flower petal represents that which you are releasing - that which no longer serves you.

Take a deep breath and say aloud (or in your head) -


“As I synchronize with the energy of the full moon tonight, I willingly let go of what no longer empowers and nourishes me.”

Move along the pier, noticing the warmth of the moon beaming down on you and the breath of fresh air dancing on your skin.  Stop at each post to pause and drop flower petals into the water.

flower petal creates ripples in water

Marvel at the gentle ripples they create in the water... ripples through your energy, ripples through your life.

At each post RELEASE out loud (or in your head) those things you need to break your attachments to, those things you are ready to move on without, those things weighing you down on your journey... (some examples)

I RELEASE... fear & doubt

I RELEASE... anger & resentment

I RELEASE... judgment of myself & others

I RELEASE... that which is not mine

I RELEASE... limiting beliefs

I RELEASE... all obstacles to my path

I RELEASE... those relationships that no longer serve my highest good

I RELEASE... all feelings of unworthiness

I RELEASE... attachment to outcomes

I RELEASE ________________

I RELEASE ________________

I RELEASE ________________

I RELEASE all that which is no longer in alignment with my Highest Self for the greater good.

When you reach the end of the pier, notice how light you feel.  

flower path to love, peace, light

Turn around and look at how beautifully the flower petals are guiding you down the path, ushering you into a new month, new moon cycle, new way of being, new life with FREEDOM to BE YOU.

All of the struggles, hardships, failures, disappointments and sadness were all lessons... all ripples guiding you, strengthening you, and preparing you for the magnificence that you emanate now.

Turn back around facing the glorious full moon overlooking the water.  Take a deep breath and say out loud (or in your head) -

“I welcome the clarity, strength and many blessings the moon offers to me, and I trust my intuition and angels to guide me towards relationships, situations and energies that will serve my highest good.”

Pause for a moment in the silence, thankful for all your blessings, all your experiences, and all of the people who have come into and out of your life.

Now set your intentions... for JOY, for LOVE, for PEACE... for whatever your heart desires.

Be sure that you state them out loud or in my mind as if they are already here - FEEL THEM as if they already exist - feeling it is what makes it real.

All that I am, I love.

All is well in my world

I am open to receive the abundance that is all around me.

I AM ________________________

I AM ________________________

I AM ________________________

I AM ________________________

I AM ________________________

Speak from your heart, from the deepest part of your soul. Speak with love and light.

When you have finished, stand there a few moments more.

Just BE, overlooking the calm waters with the moon’s reflection & energy rippling through.

When you are ready, take a deep breath and take the plunge!  

Take the plunge, leap

Jump, dive or twirl into the water.  It is invigorating as the cool water washes away all the stale energy of the past, wipes the slate clean and releases all that no longer serves you.  

The water readies you for the life you deserve - the life of LOVE, PASSION, JOY, MEANING, ABUNDANCE.

Stay underneath as long as you like and enjoy the weightlessness and ease with which you glide through. You emerge REBIRTHED, REINVIGORATED, REVITALIZED.

Float as long as you like in the calm, peacefulness of your soul.

Say a quiet prayer of gratitude and know that your Higher Self, your angels, guides and the energies of the moon are always here to guide you and lead you on your path.

Sending you love, light & powerful moon vibe healing.

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